Where to Download Public Domain Books for Free

A hand holding a Kindle with an beige background.

Hello amigos! Do you know what a public domain book is? Well, a public domain book is a book with no copyright, so the author doesn't need to be paid for any publishing company to publish their book. Sometimes, these books are cheaper because of it!

The public domain rule changes from country to country. For example, every book published before 1924 in the USA is in the public domain. For books published after this year the rule is more complicated. Here in Brazil, a book becomes public domain 70 years after the death of the author.

Well, all this information I found on Wikipedia, you can click HERE to read more about this topic!

But let's focus on the very old books, the ones published prior to 1924! Can we read these books for free? YEEES!! But remember, it doesn't mean that when a book is in the public domain that the publishing company can't charge for it. Because to make the book free of spelling mistakes, to edit the book or even to print the book they have expenses.

So, how can we read them for free?? Downloading the ebook. We are lucky because many people on the internet are working to make this possible for us! My favorite site where you can download free public domain ebooks with an AMAZING quality is Standard Ebooks.

Maybe the most famous website to download public domain ebooks is Project Gutenberg. They have more than 60000 free ebooks. I never downloaded any ebooks from there, but I was reading on the internet that even though the ebooks are free, not all of them have a good quality. Ones even being scanned.

I already read free ebooks from Standard Ebooks and I agree with the description that is written in their website: "ebooks that are carefully typeset, cleaned of ancient and irrelevant ephemera, take full advantage of modern ereading technology, are formatted according to a detailed style guide, and that are each held to a standard of quality and internal consistency".

Now, there are no excuses to not be reading! You don't even have to spend money and have ebooks with great quality for free!!

Tell me on the comments! Do you have a recommendation of a public domain book? There are so many options it's nice to see opinions! I liked very much The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Around the World in 80 Days. šŸ˜