Florianópolis | Mercado São Jorge, a Stylish Place to Eat and Buy Vegetables

The entrance of the building with some windows fixed on the walls.

Hello amigos! I know that by the title you may be thinking that if you go to Florianópolis as a tourist you won't be needing to buy vegetables, right? Well, I went visiting Mercado São Jorge and didn't buy any. Hahaha.


Mercado São Jorge has two units in Florianópolis. The one I visited was in Itacorubi and I haven't visited the other unit, but judging by the pictures the one in Itacorubi seems bigger.

Address: Rua Brejauna, 43 - Itacorubi.

I already liked this place just from looking at its building from the outside. It looks like an old warehouse, but not ugly old. Hahahaha. It looks vintage and it's stylish with some windows positioned on what looks like a concrete wall.


Mercado São Jorge is a place difficult to define, it could be a gourmet market, maybe. There you will find organic vegetables, fruits and grains. Some products like jam, juice, honey and cookies of those brands that are more sustainable and healthy, but normally difficult to find on the supermarket. They also sell sustainable cleaning products.

A stand with different fruits, like watermelon, pineapple, papaya, mango, avocado and banana.

Besides the variety of things this is a nice place to eat. There is a restaurant, a cafe, a beer place, a wine place, a bakery and an ice cream place. Well, our idea was to have lunch there in the main restaurant, but it wasn't possible. We ate before going there, because we wouldn't arrive in time to catch the restaurant still open.

What we didn't know was that there were other places to eat, places serving snacks, pizza and sandwiches! Well, actually it was a good choice to eat previously, because there the food is expensive. It makes sense because for what I've saw they serve fresh and organic food.

And there is also a space inside Mercado São Jorge to buy books and even some clothes. Hahaha. With all this you might think that Mercado São Jorge is huge. Well, it's big, but I imagined it bigger.

A hand holding an ice cream with many fruit stands in the back.

It was nice to visit it. We just ate an ice cream, which was amazing! One of the best ice creams I've eaten. Then we walked around to see the products. Based on my experience I recommend you go there if one of your goals is to eat something or to buy organic vegetables. Because nearby, in this neighborhood, we couldn't find anything else to do.

Now, tell me on the comments! Are you going to include Mercado São Jorge on your itinerary of your next trip to Florianópolis?