Florianópolis | Burger at Seu Caetano

A chickpea burger with lettuce, cheese, tomato and sauce with a white wrapping paper over it.

Hello amigos! This Sunday I'm making a review of another burger place located in Florianópolis, Seu Caetano.


A burger place and restaurant that opened its doors last year (2019) in a corner just across the street from UFSC, a university!

During the day they are open serving lunch, in that all-you-can-eat system, that costs R$ 49,90 per kilo on week days and R$ 64,90 per kilo on weekends. The price is higher on the weekends because on Saturday they serve feijoada and on Sunday sea food.

During the night it becomes a burger place with a burger price ranging from R$ 17,00 to R$ 26,00. The fries are not included and cost R$ 5,00. The WOW factor of this restaurant is their original brownie R$ 18,00, cookie R$ 15,00 and churro R$ 14,00 burgers. The brownie, cookie or churro are like the "bread" of the burger and they are filled with ice cream.

The ambient is pleasant with a simple decor and it looked clean. There is a wooden deck on an outdoor space that brings a touch of modernity to the building.

Two wrapped in white paper burgers over black tray and mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard in bags on the side.


I ordered the vegetarian burger made of chickpea R$ 18,00. It was good, but not delicious, I've eaten much better ones. The chickpea burger was crunchy, but the chickpea flavor wasn't strong enough, the burger was small and the bread was a simple one with sesame.

Fernando ordered the bacon burger R$ 20,00. He also liked it, but he didn't think it was delicious. His burger was greasy and he thinks it was because of the bacon. The meat was well-done.

We ordered two desserts the brownie burger R$ 18,00 and the churro burger R$ 14,00. Both of them were VERY good. The brownie burger had a strong cocoa flavor, but it was terribly sweet and impossible to eat the whole burger alone.

I liked better the churro burger, but I think the burger was assembled with the churro still hot, so the ice cream melted VERY fast. Both desserts were bigger than expected, so one is enough to share with someone else.

Two churro basis filled with ice cream over a white plate.

We sat indoors and it was very noisy. Although, the ambient music was in a nice volume, but the amount of people talking inside the place made too much noise and it was uncomfortable to stay there.

Few days later we returned to the restaurant during the day, to have lunch. Again, the food was good and they serve a variety of options, but it was not delicious and for the price they charge I think that are better places.

So what I HIGHLY recommend from Seu Caetano are the desserts. They are innovative and very tasteful! 😋

Now tell me on the comments! Have you ever ate a brownie, cookie or churro burger?

P.S.: The prices mentioned refer to August 2019.

Address: Rua Deputado Antônio Edu Vieira, 1940 - Pantanal.