Book Review | Life by Lu Yao

A Kindle with the ebook Life cover showing in a brown background.

Hello amigos! This time I wanna talk to you about this Chinese book, Life. This is the first book of Chinese literature I've read. The story happens in the 80's in China and it's possible to understand a little bit of their culture.


Jialin just got fired from his teaching job in the commune. The reason why he was fired was very unfair and related to privileges. His mother and father were peasants and then, without a job he had to return home to work with them in the fields.

But Jialin hated it and was ashamed of it. He had dedicated his time to study a lot and to have a different future, but in the end, he was going to be a peasant anyways. His life started to get better when he fell for a young women. But he still felt constantly sad and wished to leave, to go to the city.

All he wanted was an opportunity, but like in real life there were many complications and choices to make. Some of those choices could change his life forever.


What I liked the most about this book was its reality. I was able to feel a connection with Jialin, because sometimes we work so hard to accomplish things and to have the future we want, but bad or unfair things happen and we need to start over. We feel terrible and ashamed of not being good enough.

I liked it (★★★★✩)! Many things about the Chinese culture were weird for me and I loved to learn a little bit more about them! Well, there is also much prejudice against peasants, illiterate people and women. I felt angry on these parts. But this is our reality. Since the story is in the 80's I hope that things have changed at least a little bit for better.


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Now, tell me on the comments! Have you already read any books of Chinese literature? Do you have one to recommend?