Recipe: Banana, Apple and Cinnamon Pancake

A plate with a banana pancake and around it a Kindle, a cup of tea and a book.

Hey! Today I decided to share with you my second favorite breakfast recipe! Banana pancake is my second favorite recipe because I NEVER get sick of it, so I can eat it everyday for months and also because it is easy to make.

But my banana pancake is not made only with banana! Once, I made a recipe using half an apple, and then the other half stayed on the fridge for some days, till I saw it as I was about to make my pancake for breakfast. A brilliant idea to use apple in my pancake hit me. And it was delicious.

Since fruits have different sizes in different times of the year and regions I want to be clear that the quantity I indicate on the ingredients is for a big banana, OK?

Well, don't forget that you can go crazy and make your own version with different ingredients!

       1 big banana
       1/8 small apple
       4 tablespoons oat bran
       1 teaspoon chia seed
       1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
       Vegetable oil for frying

Oat bran, chia seed, apple, banana and cinnamon.
Banana, apple and cinnamon pancake - ingredients.


A plate with a banana and some sliced apple.
1. Chop the apple in very small square pieces.
2. Mash the banana with a fork and add the chopped apple to it.
3. Add oat bran (two spoons at a time) and mix it with the banana + apple.
4. Add cinnamon and chia seed. Once they are incorporated, the pancake is ready to be fried.
5. Add the vegetable oil onto a frying pan (I use enough soybean oil to cover the bottom of the pan).
6. Wait for the oil to be very hot and put the pancake in.
7. Use a spoon to form the round pancake shape.
8. Once one side is dark brown you can flip the pancake to fry the other side.
it's ready!!

A plate with a banana pancake dough sprinkled with chia seed
The banana pancake being fried.

A side view of a banana pancake in a plate and around there is a book and a cup of tea.

If you make the pancake send me a message here on the comments or on my Instagram page @caahcustodioo to tell me if you liked it! šŸ˜‰