Florianópolis | A Palace that Houses a Historical Museum - Palácio Cruz e Souza

A pink palace with many windows.

As any other city Florianópolis is full of history. Even though the city is well known for its beaches and as a very famous summer destination among us Brazilians, it's always exciting to know a little bit more about the history of the places we visit.

Nothing better than a museum to take us back in time. Speaking of museums, did you know that May 18th is the International Museum Day? This was two days ago! Nice, right? I didn't know that there was a museum day! 😮

Palácio Cruz e Souza right in Florianópolis center is a museum, Museu Histórico de Santa Catarina, or the Historical Museum of Santa Catarina. Santa Catarina is the state where the city of Florianópolis is located.

Named after the poet João da Cruz e Souza who was born in the city in 1861, nowadays, one of the outside walls of this pink palace has a spectacular portrait of Cruz e Souza beside a swan. Actually Cruz e Souza was born in Desterro, which is the old name of the city.

Did you know that Florianópolis was called Desterro before? I didn't! And I actually prefer the current name. I think it sounds better. What do you think?

A portrait in a wall of a black man in black and with aside a swan.

Well, inside this museum there are many interesting things, like old documents with yellow pages and words that we don't use anymore or that we've changed through the years. Although it's possible to understand what is written it's crazy to see how our language has changed.

What you are going to find the most inside the museum is old furniture items. Tables that former politicians of the city and state used, mirrors, chairs and things like that. But since this is an old palace the walls and the ceiling inside it are already works of art. It's really impressive.

Some yellow pages of an old document written in Portuguese.
The painted walls e ceiling of the palace.

The palace has two floors with what I think is a marble staircase connecting them. On the second floor you have to take off your shoes to not harm the wooden floor. But they provide a special shoe for you to walk there.

On Sundays there is no entrance fee. But on the other days of week the fee is R$ 5,00. At least it was before the quarantine.

Now tell me, do you like history museums? Do you have a favorite museum type? Have you already visited this one in Florianópolis?