Florianópolis | Infinite Pizza at Pop Pizza

A zucchini small pizza and a larger pizza divided into two on with chicken and other with ham.

Helloo amigos! YEES! You've read the title of this post right. I just translated the name Pop Pizza gives to its all-you-can-eat system! Well, if you like pizza, it's impossible for you not to like infinite pizza.

I know that when we go to these places we usually eat more than we would in a "normal" situation and that's not a good thing. But every once in a while it's OK, right? *say yes, pleasee*


Pop pizza is a pizza place located in a neighborhood called Trindade in Florianópolis. Although it's common in MANY pizza places here in Brazil to have this all-you-can-eat system, at Pop Pizza it is a little bit different.

First, you have to choose if you want free refill beverages or not. Just for the pizza you pay R$ 39,00 and then if you want you can order beverages separately. If you want the beverages already included you pay R$ 49,00. The beverages that are included are beer, water, sodas, juice and ice tea. Everyone that is with you on the table must choose the same thing and we chose the first option.

A pizza large pizza divided into Margherita and four cheese.

Then, the waiter gives you the menu and you can order as many pizzas as you want! They have different pizza sizes, the smaller one with 4 slices, then one with 8 and another with 12 slices.

They have that normal pizza flavors every place has and some different ones, but they don't offer a BIG variety of flavors. And of course, there are chocolate pizzas!!

So, you must order a whole pizza, different from other pizza places where in the all-you-can-eat system the waiter passes from time to time in our table with different pizza flavors and if you want you just get a slice or two.

The ambient is very cool with board games to play while waiting and there is also a sofa in the restaurant with pizza shaped pillows in front of a TV, so you can choose something to watch while eating. But this space fits only two!


Although the variety of flavors is small the pizzas we ordered were veeery good! My favorite one was a zucchini pizza, this was simply perfect! My favorite dessert was the white chocolate pizza!

A large white chocolate pizza.

It's good that they have different pizza sizes because you are able to taste different flavors. And also because if you go there with only one other person, you two are going to be able to eat more than one pizza, right? When I went there I was in a group of six and we were able to eat many different pizza flavors. I don't know, but in my mind it makes more sense to go there with a lot of people! 

The waiter was very nice and time for the pizzas to arrive was reasonable. I liked the vibe of the place very much! And I would go back. The price was OK for the region, because I searched for other pizza places before choosing this one and they were all more expensive or with similar prices.

ADDRESS: Rua Lauro Linhares, 957 - Trindade.

P.S.: The prices mentioned refer to July 2019.

Now, tell me on the comments! What is your favorite pizza flavor? 😊