Book Review | Lock in by John Scalzi

A kindle placed in a wooden background with the ebook Lock in.

Heey amigos! This week's book is Lock in by John Scalzi, I read the ebook in English. Let's talk about it? 😊

Lock in is a science fiction and police procedural book! The context that people are living in the book is similar to our reality right now in 2020, with a virus taking and changing lives.


In the beginning of the book, the author tells us what happened to the world many years ago when a virus caused a pandemic and more than 400 million people worldwide died. He also explains the different stages of this Great Flu. In the third and last stage, the disease causes a complete paralysis of the voluntary nervous system so the person can't move, talk or do anything. That's when they are locked in. This illness was known as Haden's syndrome.

Therefore humanoid-shaped robots controlled by the brains of people in this condition were developed to allow them to have as normal a life as possible. The main character of the story is Chris, an FBI agent and a Haden's syndrome victim. Chris caught this virus as a child and has been locked in since.

The book begins in Chris' first day working for the FBI. Chris just started working there and then is assigned to a case with a Haden-related murder. Basically, the story is about this case Chris is working on, which is full of mystery and hard to crack.


In the beginning I thought that this book would be too heavy for the moment we are going through right now. Because the details of this disease is very realistic and relates to our reality. But this is just in the introduction of the book. From the first chapter on the book is more of a police novel.

One thing that intrigued me was that I couldn't figure out Chris' gender. But I discovered that the author did this on purpose. Since I read this in English I wonder if when translating this book to Portuguese or any other language, it was possible to not define a gender for Chris. 

I loved it (★★★★)! This book made me reflective not just because of the virus, but also because of having a computer in your brain, which can be hacked. This is sort of what humankind is moving to right now. Our personal data is easier to be hacked and used against our us because most of our things are connected to the internet nowadays.


Lock in is the first book the of a series with the same name.

If you want to buy this book you can click HERE for the English version or HERE for the Portuguese version (Encarcerados) to go to Amazon website. If you buy this book or any other product using my Amazon link I'll earn a small commission. That's why I recommend this website. 😊

Now, tell me! Are you a fan of police novels? Have you already read or want to read this book? What are your impressions of it?