Book Review | Black Holes by Stephen Hawking

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Heey amigos! I finished reading this book some days ago. So, let's talk about it? PS: I've read the ebook in Portuguese. 😊

This book is actually a transcript of two BCC Reith Lectures delivered by Stephen Hawking in 2016 about black holes. Stephen Hawking was one of the most famous and important modern scientists. "He was one of the first scientists to use the science that investigates the small to study the very big".


An image with a woman and a chicken saying that the word black hole is obscene and a man saying that black holes have no hair.
The book contains two lectures. The first one is called "Do black holes have no hair?", where he explains briefly how black holes are formed and some of its characteristics. Hawking also explains what would happen to your body if you fall in a black hole. This lecture have this title because the French thought that the name black hole (trou noir - in French) was obscene.

The second lecture is called "Black holes ain't as black as they are painted". In this lecture Hawking explains how he found out that black holes actually emit particles and radiation, something that everybody thought wasn't possible. And also how the black holes defy the predictability principle.

The book also contains notes by David Shukman, a science editor, that explains some terms and phrases Hawking used.


Hawking explains so many things with few words that I was impressed! Although this is a very difficult subject and it isn't easy to understand, Hawking makes it simple with his words. Of course that were many references and difficult terms that I was not familiar with, but the notes by Shukman helped a lot to clear those.

I loved it (★★★★★)! Astrophysics fascinates me and I love to read books with this subject to learn more about it. This was the first of the Hawking's books I've read. In my opinion this is a good one for people like me that love to read about it, but aren't able to understand the complex physics behind it.

Also, since they are lectures, this book is very small. Each lecture took me around 15 minutes to read! So, this is a great introduction on the subject! 😉


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Now, tell me! Have you already read or want to read this book? Are you also an astrophysics fan?