Tip: Free and Great Material to Learn a New Language Online

A background written Hallo! Wie geht's? With the Germany, Italy, France, China, Spain, Sweden and UK flags.

Hey, you there looking for a structured material to learn a new language. This post is definitely for you.

I know how boring and difficult it is to find good structured material on the internet when you are trying to learn a new language. Normally you find a tip in a blog, another on a Youtube channel and it is very difficult to learn that way.

I believe that's the reason paid courses are better because someone developed a method and a material for you to follow and learn little by little beginning from the very basic!

But lucky me and you, who is reading this post, I found a FREE and structured material to learn a new language from English.

This website is called Coffee Break. And you can learn French, Italian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Swedish and even English from Spanish!

I have been using it for around one year and a half to learn German. And I love it.

OK. But let me explain how it works...

Coffee break languages offers language courses that are structured and part of the course is free.

So, the free part are audio lessons, that you can listen to on Spotify or on their website. The paid part includes audio bonus, videos and the lesson's notes. It costs £ 96.00.

Well, since I am taking the free German course I will explain how are the lessons based on the German course, OK?

The free audio lessons have two men, an English speaking man and a German man. This German is teaching the other man how to speak German. And it starts with very basic vocabulary and content. Most of the lesson is in English, so it is possible to use some translator to find out the phrases in German. There are also two other instructors in the audio lessons for German. One cultural correspondent that explains things related to German culture and the grammar guru who explains the grammar of the lesson. The lessons are very complete.

The German course has two seasons and each season has 40 lessons with lengths between 20 and 30 minutes. But for me it always takes much longer than that, as I like to write down all the phrases and conversations in German. I feel that this way I am practicing and learning even more. So sometimes it takes a long time to find the right words they are speaking.

Well, a last advice I have for you is that it is interesting to already know the basics of the language before starting this course. Since you will only have access to the audio, it helps a lot if you already know how the words are pronounced, because even if you don't know the meaning of that word you know how to write it and it is easier to find it on translators.

And if you also want to learn German like me, I have another tip. A dictionary called leo dictionary. There you can translate words from English, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages to German and since it was developed for the German language is more reliable than other translators.