Review: Kindle, the Travelers Companion

Holding the Kindle in a light background

It has been almost one year since I bought a Kindle! And I can tell you that it was the best thing I bought last year!

Since I bought it I have started reading more. Because I started reading while eating breakfast, because it is so much easier to carry it around and also because it has a front light allowing me to read in the dark, so no more laziness to turn off the lights to sleep after. Hahahaha

Ah! Mine is the new Kindle, the cheapest one, with a storage of 4GB which has been enough for me so far. I decided for this one instead of the Kindle Paperwhite because the price difference was R$ 150,00 and for me the only advantage of the Kindle Paperwhite was the larger storage of 8GB. So, for me, the new Kindle had a better cost-benefit.

Buuut, if you have easy access to a pool the Kindle Paperwhite could be better because it is waterproof. I can't help imagining me floating in a pool reading, but since that's not my reality I decided for the new Kindle.

It took me a long time to buy a Kindle, because I always considered it expensive since you pay for the device and later you have to buy the books. Everything changed when I started using Fernando's Kindle. He has had one for years and always liked it and said good things about it.

Last year I wanted to read a book that he had available, so I borrowed his Kindle every morning to read during breakfast. When I finished the book, I begun to read another one and then another and another until I finally realized that the price of this device was fair and I decided to buy.

Of course, I waited for a promo. Every now and then Amazon gives a R$ 80,00 (if I'm not mistaken) discount to buy a Kindle, any model. When this moment arrived I bought mine.

Well, since everybody has a different life style and opinion I decided to write this post to tell you the three main advantages of the Kindle for me! The first one I already told, which was reading more. With the Kindle I found more opportunities to read like in lines and other waiting periods.

The second advantage is the possibility to carry it around very easily. The Kindle is small and fits in my purse. A terrible thing of carrying a book around is that it is very sad when something happens to the book and then you get a crumpled or dirty book.

This carrying around factor also allows you to read more, because you can read standing up in the bus and in places where you wouldn't bring a book because of some inconvenience.

Thinking about travelling, it is also easier with a Kindle, you know that the airplane companies rules about luggage weight are getting more restrictive each day and the Kindle is light and fits several books.

Now during the quarantine, the Kindle is also a great companion. Probably you have more time to read and probably you are doing some other thing like watching TV shows or Instagram lives. This has nothing to do with the Kindle, but let's try harder to read (this message is for me, hahahaha). We should all be reading more during the confinement!

OK! The last advantage I want to point out is when you have to move out! In the last four years I changed address three times. And it was harsh work to carry my books around.

I didn't have many books, but they were heavy and difficult to carry. Besides the books, there was also all my other things I had to take with me, so it wasn't easy. Finally, I left all my books at my mother's house and right now I just have the Kindle with me. Having it has saved my quarantine!

I love the Kindle and I needed to write a review about it! If you are interested in buying it or check out the prices and models, you can click HERE and be redirected to Amazon website.