Gastronomy Florianópolis: Ice pops at Frutos de Goiás

Two ice pops, one a grape and the other a lychee ice pop.

What I liked the most about Frutos de Goiás' ice pops was the fact that they tasted like a frozen and sweeter version of the fruit. I noticed that one of the ingredients was a stabilizer. But at least there aren't any artificial flavors or smells.

They sell a BIG variety of flavors of different fruits and fruits I'd never heard of before! I only had the opportunity to eat the grape and the lychee ones. Both were very good. And the price range is from R$ 5,00 to R$ 6,00 depending on the flavor.

Frutos de Goiás is a franchise. But at this unit, located in Florianópolis, besides the ice pops they also sell ice cream in that self service by the kilo style! The flavor variety is small and there aren't many fruit flavors. The ice cream also tasted very good and the price per kilo was R$ 54,90.

Different ice cream flavors in a bowl.

Well, they also make that açaí bowls, which are very famous now. But I don't like açaí, believe it or not! At least the days I went there many people were ordering it and enjoying it. So the chances that it is good are high.

Also, at this unit they have a sort of cafe, with some savory snacks and even a soup buffet, very weird, right? Well, as I didn't eat anything of this part of the establishment I can't give my opinion. But I see this as an advantage for people that are in a group but aren't in the mood for ice cream.

The place is actually small, with few tables. But all the times I went there I was able to find a place to sit. The decor is also cute, Christmas themed in the end of the year.

Chocolate and pistachio ice creams in a cone

I didn't interact very much with the employees because of the self service system, but the cashier was always nice.

Address: R. Lauro Linhares, 1346 - Trindade.

P.S.1: Right now, during the quarantine, they are making ice cream deliveries!

P.S.2: The prices mentioned refer to November 2019.