Gastronomy Florianópolis: Burger at Burblack

Meat burger with salad and french fries with rosemary.
Burger and french fries.

Burblack is a super cool burger place, because it is sort of a container in a gas station parking lot. But it is one of those places that is only worth it when there are promos.

When I visited the place I bought a coupon in a website called Peixe Urbano. So the burger with fries cost R$ 14.90.

The burger was small, but tasty. And the fries were very good! The only thing is that they put TOO MUCH rosemary on top of it. It was impossible to eat all that rosemary.

The normal prices of the burgers without the fries range from R$ 14.90 to 36.90 and the fries cost R$ 7.90. You can check the menu on their Facebook page: BurBlack.

This place is also famous because they sell draft beer! I don't like beers and I don't understand anything about it. So I didn't drink and therefore I can't give my opinion on that. Hahahaha.

The address of this burger place is: R. Deputado Antônio Edu Viera, 1190 - Pantanal. So if you are in the neighborhood check if there are any coupons. If so, this could be a good place for a happy hour.