Book Review: Snapshot

A hand holding a kindle with the Snapshot book cover.

How do you imagine that people will solve crimes in the future? Using a computer simulation to go back in time and investigate, sounds plausible?

In the future you already know when the crime happened and some other information you collect from the victims. What if you could go back in time to investigate the crime while it's happening?

Well, that's the Snapshot, a computer simulation that takes two detectives back in time to investigate crimes. But they have to be careful, because their attitudes can make deviations on what's happening in the simulation, although it cannot change the future.

The whole book is about only one day in the past and it was supposed to be just about two investigations in that same day. But you know how detectives are, they cannot control themselves when they found out that in that same day another crime had happened and the suspect hasn't been arrested in the future yet.

Of course, they decide to investigate something they are not supposed to!

The end of this book is something unexpected!! I couldn't believe it, but I won't share more because nobody likes spoilers, right?

Written by Brandon Sanderson this book is a mixture of science fiction, mystery and fantasy genres. This book is perfect to read really fast and get your interest for reading back.

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