Things to Do When You are Forced to Avoid Travelling and Crowded Places

Relaxing in front of a pond with a green space around
Botanical Garden - Florianópolis.

It's all about Coronavirus! Here in Brazil the first case was confirmed in the end of February and now the numbers are growing. I know that around the world the situation is pretty bad and people aren't allowed to travel anymore.

Also, even here, where things are still calm we should start to take measures to not spread this virus. Some universities are already canceling classes and we all should avoid getting out of our houses and in contact with other people.

In times like this we should be more careful with our actions and think collectively. So I decided to write this post with tips to contribute with ideas of what to do in this period. Of course some of the tips will depend on where you live and the situation on your city.

1. Check the places that are in a walking distance from where you live

I know that it can be boring to stay inside the house for a long period, but it's possible to go out. I know that people that love to travel, like me, always spend some time to check out in the maps possible places to go in a destination. So, why not do this in our hometown? Focus on the places in a walking distance from where you live so you don't have to use the public transport. But if you have a car you can go even further.

For example, I live in Curitiba and there are 3 malls in a walking distance from where I live. I'm NOT going to any mall OF COURSE. But I checked the 15 minutes walking radius and there is a park nearby. This is a great opportunity to visit that park and bring a book to spend some hours reading with some fresh air.

It's also a great opportunity to go jogging or walk without a destination and take pictures of the buildings and the environment. But even if in your region establishments are still running don't go inside any building like museums or restaurants.

2. Do exercises

This will help you to keep healthy and it's going to be a distraction. Well, gyms are not recommended in times like this, but as I said you can go jogging on the street or you can find some exercise videos on Youtube and practice something at home. Just remember to choose exercises that are possible to do alone.

3. Prepare different food

For me the travelling experience includes tasting different food. So, while we can't go anywhere we could make different types of food ourselves. I'm sure that are many channels on Youtube with recipes of different countries. And even if you can't find all the ingredients sometimes it's possible to substitute them and even make a new special flavor. 

I already posted a recipe of a very famous Brazilian sweet: brigadeiro. You can try to make it. 😉

4. Picnic

Well, you don't need to leave the house to have a picnic. If you live in an apartment try to find a place, even small, and sit on the floor with your family to eat the special and different food you prepared.

Probably after a while inside the house you will be tired of watching TV, so have a picnic. I haven't done it yet, but I think it would be cool.

5. Learn the basics of a new language

The virus won't last forever, so you will travel again, don't worry. And it's never too early to start planing a new trip, but this time you can also learn a little bit of the language of this destination. You will be more prepared when you arrive there and this attitude can help you make friends more easily. It's worth trying.

6. Things we don't have time to do when travelling

Normally when travelling we don't have time to watch TV shows or play video games. I know that these are common things most people already do in a daily basis. But we will have even more time to do this, so choose things just to be distracted for a while, but also focus on finding useful/educational things to watch and read. By the end of this period we could be more qualified and who knows get a better job.

Do you have another idea? Leave it on the comments below and let's help each other to pass through this moment as peaceful as possible.