Gramado and Canela: Lavender park + Crystal factory/store! Itinerary Day 4!

A lavender field with me and Fernando in the back.
Le Jardin Parque de Lavanda.

Oh no! It is time to go home! This is the last itinerary post of Gramado and Canela. But even on the last day it was possible to hit some attractions while leaving the city! It just required a good planning.

Our first stop was...


YES! You've read it right! This is a lavender park. Basically, this is a very big garden with many flowers that I don't know the name of. Thinking about this now, there weren't signs indicating the name or the history of the plants. They could make some changes and include this information, so people, like me, could get more acquainted.

A close picture of pink flowers in Le Jardin.
Le Jardin Parque de Lavanda.

Besides the gardens with some nice spots to take pictures, inside the park you can also find greenhouses where you can buy plants, a store where essential oils, cosmetics and decor objects can be bought and a small restaurant that serves lunch and some snacks.

I visited the whole park except for the restaurant and I loved this place! The entrance fee was R$10,00.


Gramado has two city gates. In the first day we visited one of them and in our last day in the city we visited the other one. The gates are very different, but both are beautiful.

A beige gate at the entrance or exit of the city.
Gramado city gate.


Lastly, we visited the crystal store and factory. This is a big space with many crystal items like glasses, animals, vases, chandeliers and even jewelry. The prices varies a lot, but the most beautiful items were very expensive, as expected.

As I wrote, in this space they also have the factory and from time to time there is a demonstration of a manual production of one of their items. It's very nice to watch it. The man who was making the product was so good at it that the process seemed easy, even though we know it wasn't.

A big and transparent crystal chandelier hanging inside Cristais de Gramado store.
Crystal chandelier - Cristais de Gramado.

If you follow the order of the attractions I mentioned in this post you are going to be almost out of town, ready to hit the road. And that was what we did. The crystal store was the last place we visited in Gramado.

This was a great trip! And if you have the chance go visit Gramado and Canela!

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P.S.2: The price mentioned refer to March 2019.