Gastronomy Florianópolis: Lamen at Lamen San

A lamen dish in a black bowl with an oniguiri on the side
Shoyo Lamen + Oniguiri.

LAMEN! I FINALLY had the chance to eat lamen!! Here in Brazil not all the Japanese restaurants serve it. So I've been looking for a while for a place to eat it and I found Lamen San in Florianópolis.

What I liked the most about this place is that they serve the original Japanese lamen, since the owners are a Japanese couple that immigrated to Brazil after that 2011 earthquake. They opened this restaurant in 2018.

Since I'm writing this post during the Coronavirus pandemic I'd like to emphasize that Lamen San is open making deliveries. Unfortunately the delivery dishes don't include the lamens. But you can check the menu on their Instagram: @lamensan.

Well, before going any further I'd also like to say that I found out that I don't like lamen! Sad, but true story. The stew taste is very strong and I found out that lamen is not for me. But I have to compliment the quality of the dish, it was everything you expect of a lamen.


At Lamen San they have MANY lamen options. The simple ones that includes 3 types of lamen: misso lamen, shoyo lamen and shio lamen. The difference between them are the sauce type and all the 3 cost R$ 28,00.

I ordered the misso lamen and Fernando the shoyo lamen. As I said I found out that I don't like lamen. But Fernando liked very much both of them! One thing to have in mind is that this dish is big, so it is also possible to share depending how much you can eat.

The other lamen options are the special ones: shrimp lamen, oyster lamen, tyashu lamen, karaguê lamen, tofu lamen, shio bifun. The prices of these special lamens vary from R$ 33,00 to R$ 47,00.

They also have other dishes on the menu like: leimen (also a spaghetti dish), karê (sort of stew with curry), tonkatsu (breaded pork meat), karaguê (chicken), gyoza, onigiris and many other things! I just mentioned some of the dishes so you can have an idea of what to expect.

R. Sen. Ivo D Aquino, 33 - Lagoa da Conceição.

P.S.: The prices mentioned refer to April 2019.