Gramado and Canela: Snowland + Lago Negro! Itinerary Day 2

A cold ambient with an white castle.
Ice castle - Snowland.

So we woke up for our second day in Gramado and Canela! ­čśŹ Here is what we did:


Yeah! In Gramado there is a snow land! Which is a park made of snow, artificial snow. I liked this place, but didn't love it! Let me explain. I was with two friends that had never seen snow before and they were super excited. The temperature inside this place is below 0┬║C, so it is veeery cold. And just the experience of feeling this cold is already nice.

The thing is, inside the coldest area of the park there are ice slides, but one of the slides was closed for maintenance. So there was just two slides available, one for kids and one for adults. Like any other park it was full of people and you had to wait in lines. The adults ice slide was small, but it was fun. There was also a ski trail—you had to pay extra—, cafes and some winter scenarios. 

The park provides a special winter suit for you to enter this area with jacket, pants, shoes and gloves. But I advise you to go with pants and a pullover underneath. You know, the outside was very warm, because it was summer. I wore a jeans and a pullover and I was cold even with the extra clothing the park provided.

Besides this cold area, there are other attractions in the park where you can go with normal clothes since the temperature isn't so low. There was a 7D ski experience, where you stay on a platform that moves while looking at a 3D TV seeing a ski path. Things come in your direction forcing you to bend over. It is very nice!! 

An ice skating ring with some people skating.
Ice skating ring - Snowland.

There is also an ice skating ring, in which you are allowed to go once! You have just 20 minutes, so when you are finally skating for real the time is over. Hahahaha. There is also a part of the park with some other scenarios, a live Yeti to take pictures and a food court. My friend is vegetarian and the food options were limited for her, so we didn't eat there. Also the food prices were very high, as expected.

Visiting Snowland was a nice one time experience, so I wouldn't go back. I paid R$ 84,00 for the ticket which was half of the price since I was a student back then. But the normal price is R$ 169,00. I know that this is a big structure that needs a LOT of energy to power, so I can understand the price, but for me it is expensive.

A picture with the live fake yeti.
Yeti - Snowland.

You can check the opening days and hours and buy the tickets in advance on the website:


As you can imagine Snowland will consume most part of your day. So after leaving the place in the middle of the afternoon we stopped at Pastelaria do Bei├žola (Brazilians will understand this reference) to eat pastel (a common Brazilian dish - "crispy fried pie with different fillings"). The pastel was in a good size and it tasted very good!

This is a good place to have lunch, to eat something in the afternoon or even to have dinner. The price was fair.


How about seeing Rapunzel's tower? In Gramado there is a Rapunzel tower 19.5 meters high in the Enchanted Germany park. It is possible to go up in the tower, but there is a fee. I decided not to go.

A brown tower with many windows and trees around it;
Rapunzel's tower.

This park was inspired in the Grimm brothers stories. It is small, so that's a quick visit mainly to see Rapunzel's tower. Or to drink some beer, since there is a Bier Garten at the park.


The Enchanted Germany is pretty near the Black Lake. Where nowadays is an artificial lake was once covered with a forest. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the forest, then it was decided to build this lake and plant trees imported from the Black Forest in Germany.

A beautiful lake with paddle boats and many trees around.
Black lake.

If there is a lake, there is paddle boats. So predictable, right? Hahahaha. We went there in the end of the afternoon and it was a great place to walk and rest. It is so beautiful that  it brings peace even with all the people around. Surely this is a great place to end the day!


All-you-can-eat pastel for R$ 38,90 including the beverages (sodas or juices). They serve small pastel with different fillings, including a variety of vegetarian fillings. We liked the food very much and definitely would go back there.

P.S.1: If you didn't read my itinerary for day 1 you read it here!

P.S.2: The prices mentioned refer to March 2019.