Hello 2020!

A small turtle resting on a rock inside a pond

Hello 2020! It's been almost two weeks since the year started but only now I feel ready to face it. 2019 wasn't a really good year for me and for many times I wished for it to end, but, you know, nothing is bad enough that can't get even worse. Sooo, 2020 started terribly for me and now I wish I could go back to my situation in 2019! Life is funny, right? 😧

All this situation made me think that if I really had enjoyed the good moments of 2019 I would have lived that year better. It's so hard to be hopeful and thankful when nothing seems to work! But it's also important, otherwise how can we be strong enough to move on?

Anyway, in order to live my 2020 more intensely, no matter the situation, I want to keep this in mind and also write all the good things that happened in 2019. Some of them I didn't enjoy as I should have. So, if you want an advice for 2020: live the moment, because time flies and life isn't supposed to be perfect all the time. I know that my advice is very hard to put in practice, because I am not following it completely right now. But I will try harder!

OK! In 2019 me and my best friend with our respective boyfriends went to our first trip together after 11 years of friendship! Our destination was Gramado and Canela, very touristic cities in Rio Grande do Sul, here in Brazil. The other big trip in 2019 was Rock in Rio! YEEES! I went to Rock in Rio. It was crazy!!! And that was basically it. I also visited some cities in Santa Catarina when I went to one cheap one-day excursion! The first two trips were very money consuming, so I had to control myself, but at least I visited different places in Florianópolis!

So here is the list of the new cities I visited in 2019:
1. Criciúma
2. Gramado
3. Canela
4. São Martinho
5. Gravatal
6. Rio de Janeiro

5 cities less than in 2018! But the moments were equally special. Well, for 2020 I don't have big plans because first I have to put my life back on track. But of course I want to visit as many places as possible! I'll end this post with the positive thought that somehow I'll manage to do it. And you can also do it if you set travel as one of you priorities.