Gastronomy: Croissant at Croasonho

A croissant filled with broccoli and cheese.
Broccoli and cheese croissant.

I know that croissant is a French food. But while we don't have the opportunity to go to Paris just for a croissant we have to enjoy the croissants here in Brazil. Anyways, I guess that there aren't croissants like this one in France. Hahahaha. In Brazil, we have the habit of stuffing every possible filling into something, salty or sweet and with the croissants it wouldn't be different, right?

I remembered right now that once I was in Germany talking with some Lithuanians, and you know food is a good subject to talk about and make friends. So I told them here in Brazil we have sweet flavored pizza, like chocolate pizza and it is amazing, OF COURSE. And they wouldn't believe me. Hahahahaha. They thought a chocolate pizza wouldn't taste good 😮. This story has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to share it. 

Back to Croasonho! The good thing about this establishment is that it is a franchise, so it is spread through many cities in the country. The photos and prices of this post is from the restaurant in Florianópolis!

There are many filling options for the croissants like steak, chicken, ham, cheese and broccoli, already in specific combinations in the menu. I ordered a broccoli with cheese croissant, R$16,35 (medium size), and Fernando ordered a croaburger barbecue, R$18,90, which by the name is pretty obvious what it is. I liked mine, but Fernando didn't like very much the croaburger because there are establishments specialized in burgers that are much better and this croaburger can't hold a candle to these other burgers.

Two croissants, one filled with broccoli and cheese and the order with a burger and two milkshakes, one chocolate and the other strawberry.
The croissants and milkshakes we ordered.

The night we went to Croasonho was a special date night, so as beverages we ordered milkshakes 😀. I ordered the chocolate milkshake, R$11,45, and Fernando the strawberry with negresco (the Brazilian oreo) one, R$12,45. Both of them were good! In the menu there aren't specifications about the size of the other beverages likes sodas, R$5,15; juices, R$5,95; and water, R$3,95.

Later, we also ordered a sweet flavored croissant!! I ordered the cookies n' cream croissant with ice cream, R$15,95 (small size), and Fernando ordered the dulce de leche with strawberries and white chocolate croissant, R$14,95 (small size). Both were AMAZING, after all if there is sugar there is no mistake!

Cookies n' cream croissant with ice cream and dulce de leche croissant with strawberries and white chocolate.
The sweet flavored croissant we ordered.

The ambient is very nice some tables have armchairs instead of normal chairs! Here in Florianópolis the service was really good, there were few employees but there weren't many people in the restaurant that day and it didn't take long to prepare our order. This is a nice place to escape your diet for a day.

P.S.: Unfortunately the Florianópolis unit closed recently! But as mentioned, there are Croasonhos in many other cities in Brazil. You can check the list of cities here:

P.S.1: The prices mentioned refer to February 2019.