Florianópolis: NOT a Zoo

A lot of turtles together in the shadow.

After many years going to zoos I finally realized how bad they are! The animals are caged just for human's amusement. So now I put myself in their shoes, because I love to travel, but imagine if someone doesn't allow me to do this or if someone hadn't allowed me to leave my hometown. That's terrible, so why are we doing this to the animals? This is also valid for aquariums.

When you go to a zoo there is normally a sign with information about the animal you're looking at, like where it is its natural habit, what it eats, the size it can grow and many other facts. Well, I can't help to say: "So why isn't it where it was supposed to be???" If the animal is naturally from Africa where it can live free, why it is in Europe (or any other place) caged?

I stopped visiting zoos and started visiting places that use the entrance fee money for a good cause, like taking care of the animals! There's already a post on the blog about Projeto Tamar an organization that takes care of sea turtles. But in Florianópolis there's also Parque Estadual do Rio Vermelho (Red River State Park), a park which part of is used to house injured and abandoned illegally-owned wild animals.

Monkeys victims of traffic that are being treated inside a green cage.

The area of the park that is possible to visit is called Trilha do Rio Vermelho. The visit is guided and costs R$12,00. Of course you won't see many different animal species and there aren't so many animals like in zoos, which is a good thing. But the animals there need help and are being well treated. They try to return as many animals as possible to the wild.

When I visited the space there were many birds with clipped wings, very sad. But the best part of visiting this place is the amount of things you learn. I had no idea, but humans "make" hybrid macaws and they are sterile. Then stupid people that think it's cool to have an animal like this at home finance the traffic, later when the person realizes that it's not so easy to take care of a wild animal they abandon them.

There were also some monkeys, turtles, snakes and even a giant anteater that was rescued after her mom was hit by a car. This visit is AMAZING because the guide tells many stories of the animals that are there and about the animals that didn't survive and why. It's a lot of info to process later!

Anteater climbing a door.


The tour takes around 1 hour! But at the park there is a beautiful view of a lagoon, we brought snacks and stayed there for a while eating and enjoying the view. At the visitors center, where you buy the ticket, they sell snacks and there are also souvenirs and bathrooms. We took the bus 267 Rio Vermelho to get there.

A swing and a view of the lagoon.

Rod. João Gualberto Soares - Rio Vermelho.

Opening hours:
From Tuesday to Sunday: from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM.

P.S.: The price mentioned refers to February 2019.