Florianópolis: Natural Pool, A Hidden (Crowded) Paradise

Natural pool with a very green water and full of people.
The natural pool.

When I heard that there was a natural pool here in Florianópolis I got VERY excited! Well, I don't know exactly the definition of a natural pool, but the one in Florianópolis is a natural formation of calm waterssurrounded by many rocks, that are connected to the sea.


The Natural Pool is located in a neighborhood called Barra da Lagoa, yes, the same neighborhood as Projeto Tamar. By bus it is easy to get there. From Tilag terminal you can catch the bus number 360 and hop off on the last stop. It is easy to arrive at Tilag from any other bus terminals of the city. Moovit app works really well here in Florianópolis. I always use it and never had any trouble.

Well, to get to the natural pool after getting off the bus you will also have to walk a little bit. The beginning of the track is a little bit confusing to find. When you get off the bus you will see a blue bridge, the first step is to cross it. Then, maintain your left and go straight. It is confusing because in this area there are many hostels and you think: "this path won't get me anywhere". But just go! You can also ask for information on the way.

A big blue and green sign with the name Trilha das Piscinas Naturais written on it.
The beginning of the Natural Pool Trekking.

You will know you are on the right path when you see a big sign marking the beginning of the Natural Pool Trekking. It is a short path with 600 meters and it is a 15 minutes walk from this point to the pool. Although it is recommended to wear appropriate hiking shoes, it is possible to go with your flip-flops, you just have to be more careful. The path is very plan with some plants around. When you are getting closer to the pool you are able to have a great look of the coast, it is beautiful. But also near the pool is where the path is the worst for those wearing flip-flops, because there is a very steep downhill, where many people lose their flip-flops.

Many green plants and the blue sea behind.
The view of the coast.


Well, this may once have been a hidden paradise with few people hanging around. But nowadays it is a very crowded paradise. Hahahahaha. I have to be honest, right? Also, the pool is delimited by rocks and there are no trees around to stay in the shadow; in very sunny days you fell like being baked.

The way into the water is through the rocks, you must be very careful because they can be slippery. The pool is deep, it is not possible to reach the bottom of it without diving, so just go into the water if you know how to swim. There aren't any lifeguards around, so don't risk it! The pool is directly connected to the sea, so don't get inside the water if the sea is not calm. Otherwise you can be thrown against the rocks and get hurt.

The advantage of going to swim at the natural pool is that it really resembles a pool, so there aren't waves and you can dive and swim calmly. Just be careful not to hit someone. Hahahaha. The worst part about it besides no shadow is to get out of the pool. Because the rocks are slippery and it is not at all easy, I needed help to climb the rocks back to land. Hahahaha.


As I mentioned above, Projeto Tamar is also in this neighborhood. According to Google it is a 10 minutes walk from the blue bridge that gives access to the Natural Pool Trekking. Therefore, it is a nice opportunity to visit, learn and help how to protect the sea turtles.

Beach with green waters and full of people.
Barra da Lagoa beach.

Near the blue bridge there is a beach also called Barra da Lagoa. This beach is very famous and during summer is SUPER crowded. There are food tents on the sand where drinks and snacks are sold and I think it is possible to rent a beach umbrella and chairs to spend the day there. In the region of this beach near the blue bridge there is also two very cute lighthouses to admire, one red and one green. On the street that gives access to the beach there are souvenir stores, restaurants and ice cream places.

A red and white small lighthouse with the sea behind.
The lighthouse at Barra da Lagoa beach.

You can also choose to spend the day in a smaller beach. There is one, called Prainha da Barra, on the way to the Natural Pool, after the hostels and before the sign indicating the beginning of the trekking.

A small beach with the some trees around it and a green sea in front of it.
Prainha da Barra.