Jaraguá do Sul: Things to do in the City

A normal park bench with some twig art around it, plus me, resting.
Relaxing time - Malwee Park.

Here I am again with tips of another city in Santa Catarina: Jaraguá do Sul.

Jaraguá do Sul is a city in the North of the state. Although it isn't a very touristic city, maybe you are passing by the region and having some time to spend, it's nice to be aware of some things you can do there.

I didn't have much time to spend in the city and, basically, I visited 2 places:


Metallic light blue car in exhibition in the Weg Museum.
Austin manufactured in 1950 in exhibition at the museum.

WEG museum is the best museum I've ever visited in Brazil, really. WEG is a Brazilian company that produces electric equipment, like electric motors and transformers. The building that today is a museum was the first headquarters of the company.

Visiting the museum you are able to get to know the history of the company and you are also able to see many old manufacturing equipment that were used to produce their products. Well, I am an engineer, so this types of places always amazes me. Even though I have seen many of these equipment before and even used some before—like a lathe—, it's very nice to see and learn how they were used specifically in this application.

WEG is more connected with the electric energy sector and in the first section of the museum there are interactive experiments with electrical phenomena. For example, there is a Van de Graaff generator there for us to try and there are the explanations of how it works. There is also a bike that converts the mechanical energy of the rider into electric energy for a radio to play.

Some experiments related to electric energy for us to interact.
Interactive area at the museum –  Van de Graaff generators.

I LOVE technological and interactive museums and I'd never visited one of those here in Brazil. So, I got very excited with this one. And, even if you don't understand anything about electric energy and engineering, it is a nice visit, because you will be able learn a lot about the things around you daily. The best part is that the entrance is free of charge, so there are no excuses.

A bicycle that converts the mechanical energy of the riding into electric energy.
Riding and listening to music.

Opening day and hours:
From Tuesdays to Sundays: 10:00AM to 06:00PM.


Malwee park is veeery big. And it is that perfect space to be in contact with nature in the middle of a modern city. This is a great place for to jog, relax or barbecue. I was there on a Sunday and none of the many barbecue grills were available.

There is also a lake in the park with paddle boats of different shapes, including cars, available for a ride. If you are just like me touristing in the city, there isn't many things to do there besides a long walk to appreciate the different vistas. But if you are staying in the city for a longer time I think it would be great to make a picnic or a barbecue there and play in the sports' areas.

Lake with pedal boats in the park.
Pedal boats in car form.

Inside the park there are 2 restaurants. Both serve typical German food. After all, this region of Santa Catarina is well known for its German colonization and in many cities there you can eat very good German food.

We chose General Küster restaurant to have lunch. It had a very big all-you-can-eat buffet. We paid R$ 49,90 per person with dessert included. The food was veeery good and even though it's expensive, there was a big variety of German food and also common Brazilian food.

Opening day and hours:
Everyday: 07:00AM to 05:00PM.

P.S.: The price mentioned refers to November 2018.