Gastronomy Florianópolis: Drink in a Light Bulb at Five Bar and Food

2 burgers and drinks at Five bar and food.
Burger, burger, burger!

Another burger review here in Florianópolis. YAAAY!

Let's start this post with a complaint: the name of the place. Well, if you look for it on Google Maps you will find: Five Bar and Food. But at the entrance of the establishment it's written: Five Burger and Beer. I'm lost!

I'm writing this post some months after I've been there, so maybe some things have changed. Don't you worry, though, because the place still exists! Hahahahaha.

As you may see, we ordered burgers with fries when we went there. But there are many other finger foods available. The burger was very good and also the fries. But the spotlight was the drink in the light bulb. 

I saw a picture of this drink on their Facebook page and I already knew I'd order it. It surprised me when I discovered it was a non-alcoholic drink. I was a little disappointed, but I ordered it anyways. For those of you who want to know: it is a peach tea with orange juice, passion fruit, mint, lemon juice and sugar syrup. Such a mixture of tastes! I don't know if I liked it!

This is a bar so there was a page on the menu only for the drinks, even some famous ones like the cosmopolitan, gin and tonic and the Moscow mule.

The ambient was cozy and there was live music. I don't particularly like live music in burger places because there is cover charge.

By the end of the night we paid R$ 95 for the burgers, fries, beverages of the picture plus the cover charge!

Rod. Admar Gonzaga, 440 - Itacorubi.

Opening hours:
From Monday to Friday: 11:00AM to 02:00 PM and 05:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
Saturday: 05:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
Sunday: Closed.

P.S.: The price mentioned refers to November 2018.