Corupá: 14 Waterfalls in the Same Park (Rota das Cachoeiras)

Big Spring, a 125 meter high waterfall and all the nature around it.
Waterfall number 14 - Big Spring.

Corupá, a small city that holds big surprises! I'm glad I found out about this city on the internet, because this is not some sort of famous place that everybody talks about. But in my opinion this is one of that places that everybody should visit.

Corupá is located in Santa Catarina, more precisely in the North of the state. There aren't many things to do downtown but, if you drive around 30 minutes away from it, you will be able to see a group of AMAZING waterfalls, called Rota das Cachoeiras.

Me crossing a bridge over the river, pretty near the waterfall.
Waterfall Number 4 - Coffee Inn.


The first thing you need to know is that you have to buy a ticket to visit the place. When I went there (November 2018) it cost R$ 20,00. But more important than this is to know where to buy the ticket, because it's NOT at the entrance of the park.

I saw 2 places where it was possible to buy it. A market called Mercado João Fossile 10 km away from the park and where I bought mine. And a restaurant 1 km away from the park, called Restaurante Rio Novo.

Mercado João Fossile: Rua Felipe Schmidt, 503-537 - Corupá.
Restaurante Rio Novo: Rota das Cachoeiras, km 38,7 - Corupá.

The road that leads to Rota das Cachoeiras. There are some banana farms on the way.
Road to Rota das Cachoeiras. There are many banana farms.


What impressed me the most about this place is that there are 14 waterfalls inside the same park. A lot, right? This also takes a lot of time to visit. For us it took around 5 hours to go and come back, including a lunch break. We brought sandwiches for that. 😊

The path to the first waterfall was built to be accessible for people in wheelchairs. So it's very easy to get to Sigh, this is the name of the waterfall. Each waterfall has a name and they are written in the signs both in Portuguese and English.

The path to reach the other waterfalls isn't accessible for people with difficulty to walk. Even though there is a very long way to go through, the hike isn't difficult. Sure it requires some physical conditioning, but you don't need to be a hiking expert to go there. Many families were there the same day as I.

Sigh, the first waterfall in Rota das Cachoeiras.
Waterfall number 1 - Sigh.

Some of the waterfalls aren't very impressive or even high, but all of them are beautiful. And there is only one waterfall where it's possible to bathe–waterfall number 7, called Junction. Don't worry, you won't miss it because all along the way there are many signs indicating the direction, distances and the names of the waterfalls.

Unfortunately, I didn't see the 14 waterfalls, because the path for the 13th was closed and I didn't found out why.

Of all the waterfalls the highlight is the last one, Big Spring. This is the highest of the waterfalls with 125 m. And I can say it's the most beautiful. It's not a coincidence I chose it to be the main photo of this post.

Rest, the waterfall number five of Rota das Cachoeiras. This is a very small one.
Waterfall number 5 - Rest.


The park is open during the whole year. But you have to pay attention to its opening hours (below). It also has a good structure, at the reception you will find bathrooms with showers, a barbecue space and a snack bar. There is also a parking lot, but the day we went there was so many people that we had to leave the car on the shoulder of the road near the entrance.

Speaking of road, the road there is unpaved and when you get closer to the park there is no phone signal. So you must guide yourself with the road signs. To arrive there it was OK for us, but on our way out we almost got lost.

Opening hours:
From April to October: 7:30AM to 5:30 PM (the entrance is allowed only until 2:00PM).
From November to March: 7:30AM to 6:30 PM (the entrance is allowed only until 3:00PM).

Surprise, the 12th waterfall of Rota das Cachoeiras. One of the highest waterfalls there.
Waterfall number 12 - Surprise.


As I said Corupá is very small, so your reason to go there may probably be Rota das Cachoeiras. But once there you can also stop by Seminário Sagrado Coração de Jesus, a seminary that was built in 1932 and it has an amazing architecture to observe and admire.

We stopped there after we left the waterfalls park, on a Saturday. The buildings were closed, but we were able to walk around. There was a very big yard and many people having picnics. It was a quick, but a nice stop.

A very beautiful orange seminary in Corupá. With a big yard.
Seminário Sagrado Coração de Jesus.


We chose to spend the night in Corupá, for that we booked a bedroom with Airbnb and it was a good experience. The person who received us was very nice. The only thing is that it was summer and it was veeery hot, with many, many mosquitoes around.

When looking for a place to stay we didn't find many options, but if you look on Booking or Airbnb I'm positive you will find something. There is also the possibility to stay in the city next to Corupá, Jaraguá do Sul. Which is much bigger and where you will find more accommodation options.


It was a good thing we stayed in the Airbnb, because we asked for recommendations. The owner showed us flyers of many places, many of them delivery places. But we wanted to go out and get to know more of the city, so we chose Evangelo's Bar to eat.

It's a sort of snack bar, which in Portuguese we call lanchonete. This type of establishment is very common in many cities of the country and it was more common in the past when fancy gourmet burger places hadn't dominated the cities yet.

We order fried fish and fries. Yes, this reminds me of that famous fish and chips dish of England, and I can say it's similar, but at the same time it's different. Hahahaha. It was very good and the dishes with the beverages cost R$ 44,00 for 2.

Fried fish and fries for dinner.
Fried fish and fries.

P.S.1: The prices mentioned refer to November 2018.
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  1. These are amazing waterfalls and such a great find! I had never heard of this area before either, so thankful to have come across your blog �� thanks for the tips!

    1. Sometimes we don't have to go very far to find amazing places to visit, right? Thanks for your comment :D


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