Blumenau: Christmas Village or Weihnachtsdorf at Parque Vila Germânica

Christmas Village in Blumenau with its entrance decorated with Christmas items.
Christmas Village Entrance.

More than one month has passed since Christmas, but it's never too late to talk about it. In November of 2018 I visited Blumenau, a city in the European Valley here in Santa Catarina. This city was colonized, mainly, by German immigrants and nowadays the German traditions are what make it a very touristic city. The Christmas Village took place at Parque Vila Germânica, a park that houses many festivals during the year.

In 2018 the Christmas Village started on November 10th and ended on December 30th. The entrance was free and the park was decorated with the traditional Christmas style—snowmen, Christmas tree and Santa Claus. As you know we don't have snow in Brazil and Christmas happens during summer, so the snowmen were only possible because they were fake snowmen made with fabric. I particularly like this "fake" Christmas that doesn't represent our reality here in Brazil.

A mini snow city with snowmen, Christimas trees and some fake snow on the floor.
Mini snow city.

This year during the Christmas Village there was the mini snow city where fake snow was falling from a very high fake Christmas tree, the Christmas market with many food items and handcraft and an international Nativity scene exhibition made by different priests and artists from many parts of the world and in many different materials like glass, cardboard, clay and paper.

A big Nativity scene.
The entrance of the Nativity scene exhibition.


This park stays open during the whole year even when no festivals are taking place there. So, it is worth to stop by if you are visiting the city. Mainly you will find many, many, many souvenirs stores. They sell a lot of Oktoberfest souvenirs like mugs, pins and traditional German clothing.

Some of the buildings you can find inside the Parque Vila Germanica. All of them in a timber framing style.
Buildings in a timber framing style inside the park.

There is also a very famous dessert place there called Café São Jorge, of course we stopped there to eat a piece of pie and it was really delicious. The pies plus one Coke can cost us R$ 32,20 (US$ 8.80). There is also the Empório São Jorge where you can find food souvenirs like gingerbread men, cookies, chocolate, jams and many regional products. I bought a typical Dutch waffel and some chocolate bars from a very famous regional brand around there called Nugali, but if you are also going to visit Pomerode wait to buy Nugali chocolate there because it is cheaper.

Banoffee pie and cheesecake with strawberry.
The pies we ate at Café São Jorge.

We also stopped at the Hemmer store, which is a famous regional brand that produces mayo, ketchup and other condiments. Imagine a store full of it, I thought it was nice. In this region of the park where you can find these stores, you can see many timber framing constructions, this gives a special charm to the park making it seems more German. One of this buildings is a Biergarten, we didn't stop there but I heard that this is a good place to have a beer in town and that they have beers with different flavors.

More buildings inside the park with the timber framing architecture.
More buildings in timber framing style.

On the other end of the park there is the food court, with many traditional German foods. We didn't eat anything from there because we ate at the dessert place and because I didn't feel like trying any of the options.

Tables and stands selling food at Parque Vila Germanica
Food court.


Below there is a list of the events that are happening this year at the park. As you may see, during the whole year some festival is taking place there, so the chances of you being able to attend one of these events when visiting the city are high. Or you can plan your trip there to match some of the events.

I also put a link on the events names which will redirect you to the tourism website of the city. There you can have more info about each one of them, including ticket prices, but the website is in Portuguese.

  • Sommerfest: this is like a summer Oktoberfest. When? January 11th through February 2nd.
  • Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja (Brazilian Beer Festival): When? March 13th through March 16th.
  • Osterdorf (Easter Village): When? March 27th through April 21th.
  • Blumenau International Beer Festival: When? June 27th through June 29th.
  • Festitália (Italian Festival): When? July 12th through 21th.
  • Sabores de Santa Catarina (Flavors of Santa Catarina): reunite the diverse gastronomy of the state. When? August 2nd through August 4th.
  • Festa das Orquídeas (Orchid Festival): orchid exhibition. When? September 6th through September 8th.
  • Oktoberfest: the second biggest German festival in the world. When? October 9th through October 27th. 
  • Magia de Natal (Christmas Village): When? November 15th through December 30th.