1 Year of Blue Chocolate Experiment

Blue sky with a tree and sparkling ribbons.

Today (January 28th, 2019) marks the one year anniversary of the blog. YAAY! A year ago I published the first post on the blog which was a book review: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. An amazing book and I'm happy that for some reason this was the first thing I decided to post. Actually, I created the blog a few days before and I was trying to organize the layout and trying to make a logo, but I was too anxious to write something soon. So even though I didn't finish all I wanted to do, I made this first post. 

This behind the scenes of the blog is complicated and as you can see I still don't have a logo and the layout is not what I wanted. This is my fault, because I don't have the time to study about it and I still don't have the money to pay someone to do it. At least, I realized that writing is something that makes me feel good.

Well, anniversaries make me nostalgic, therefore I'm going to write the reason why I've created the blog. It was 2018, the year had just started, I was in the beginning of my second year of Master's and everything was going wrong with it, I was sad and unmotivated. So, I decided to make resolutions for 2018 because I needed to do something that I liked. 

One thing that I always wanted to do is travel the world, the time was passing so fast and I wasn't doing any travelling. My first resolution then became to travel more, and besides this specific resolution that is super related to the blog I also made others, like read more and be more financially organized to save more money for my future. 

Ok, so I had my resolutions, it was easy to write them, but acting is the worst. The first thing I did was to take an overall look at my reality and decide from where to start. Well, as I said I was (and still am) studying for my Master's and as a researcher I earn a stipend which isn't a lot of money and most of this money is spent in rent, because in this region where I live, nearby the University, rent of an apartment or a house is very expensive. 

Besides the money another factor was time, because grad school consumes you in a way that you don't have time for anything else, sometimes you have the time, but your mind is always on the research and what you have to do to finish it. 

But, I was determined to travel more and looking at my financial condition and my time condition I realized that I should visit nearby cities and even explore more where I live. And the blog idea came from that thought that no matter what is the condition and the city—small or big, touristic or not—, we could find something to do and have fun. So, I decided to share my experiences and I'm lucky to live in a very touristic city right now, this helped of course. If you go check the posts on the blog you will see that most part of my tips are for FlorianĂłpolis and the cities nearby. 

Writing the blog helped me to feel grateful for the things that I did and ate and this is a wonderful feeling to have when you are down, it showed me that my life was not as bad as I thought it was and that I'm blessed for all the opportunities. 

I hope to inspire people who also want to travel to do it regardless of money and time, if  you put it as a priority in your life you can do this. And keep in mind that you don't have to travel abroad or to stay in a super fancy hotel. I ate a lot of sandwiches during my trips to not spend money with restaurants and I also booked the cheapest accommodations I found and still I had a lot of fun and now a lot of memories.

Finally, I want to thank you! Who has been reading my posts. đź’™