Florianópolis: Sandboarding at Joaquina Beach

Sandboarding in the dunes of Praia da Joaquina - Florianópolis.
Me sandboarding.

Praia da Joaquina or Joaquina Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Florianópolis. With a great structure for tourists this beach is for everyone: people who just want to swim or relax and people looking for some extreme sports like surfing and sandboarding.


People relaxing and swimming with this great view of Praia da Joaquina.
View from Joaquina beach.

Joaquina Beach is located in the east side of Florianópolis island. The access to the beach is easy by bus or by car. If you are going by bus the first step is to arrive at the bus terminal in Lagoa da Conceição (Tilag), there are many buses departing from the other bus terminals of the city with Tilag as a destination, once there, you just wait for bus number 363 JOAQUINA, the last stop of this bus is almost in front of the beach. I always use Moovit to find bus routes here in the city. But if you are going by car just use your GPS, hahaha, there are many places on the street specifically for parking near the beach.

Before you can feel the sand with your feet, you will see a sort of street market. Many people in their stands selling food—ice cream, snacks and beverages—, bathing suits and souvenirs. Then, when you reach the sand, after a few steps you will be invited to sit in one of the restaurant tables equipped with a beach umbrella, from the tables you have a great view of the ocean, they say if you consume something from their menu you can stay there for "free". These places are always full of people so I think it's a good choice to sit there. Well, as I'm always trying to do low cost trips I bring my own sandwiches and beverages, so I don't know about the prices or what these restaurants serve. The worst part about doing low cost is the sun, because there are no natural shadows there.

Walking peacefully and appreciating the view in Joaquina beach.
I just put the feet on the water because it was freezing and this was mostly a cloudy day.

From what I've seen this beach is good for swimming, you just have to be a fan of cold water or get used to it. But there was no warnings about swimming there being dangerous. Also this is a good beach for people who surf, I don't understand anything about it, but there were a lot of surfers there and surfing championships happen every year. 


Seated sandboarding in the dunes of Praia da Joaquina
Seated sandboarding.

Well, when you are at Joaquina beach if you look around soon you will see the amazing dunes where it's possible to sandboard. Even if you don't wanna have the sandboarding experience just seeing the dunes and walking through them is already amazing.

Actually, the sandboarding area is not very close to the beach. If you are at the beach you can walk there through the dunes which is nice, but tiring. You can also walk there through the street. But if you prefer you can drive there, because it isn't that close to the beach and driving will make you get there faster. The dunes are in the way from Lagoa da Conceição to the beach, so you can stop there before going to the beach.

The price to sandboard is R$ 20,00 (US$ 5.19) per person for one hour and it's not possible to pay with credit card, only cash. There are 2 types of boards to rent, one that you slide standing up and one that you slide seated. We were in 2 and each one chose a type of board so we could have both experiences. And I asked if we chose only 1 board for the both of us if we could pay only R$ 20,00 (US$ 5.19), but no, even if we chose only 1 board we needed to pay R$ 40,00 (US$ 10.38) in total. 

After you pay you receive a bracelet and only who has the bracelet can slide. There are many dunes for you to choose, small ones and big ones. The big ones were where the most people were, the worst part about them besides the amount of people is that once you slide down the dunes you have to climb back to the top and that is not an easy task. 

Anyways, no matter which size of dune you choose this is very fun, I loved it. It was my first time sandboarding, in the beginning I was afraid to fall, but then it became easier as I practiced. I recommend this for everyone now. 

Foot prints on the dunes
Foot prints on the sand.