Florianópolis: First Time in Outback

Bloomin Onion: Fried onion in a flower shape with a special sauce in the middle.
The famous Bloomin' Onion.

As you may know outback is an expensive restaurant, so I waited until my birthday, in November, to go there for the first time and now I can confirm that it's very expensive to have a meal there. Since I was celebrating, my idea was to eat one appetizer, one main course and than a dessert. But, eating all that is IMPOSSIBLE. I couldn't eat the dessert, so I have plans to go back there just for it.

Well, their menu is enormous, it's very difficult to decide what to eat, so we decided for the most famous dishes, those constantly on the advertisements and that we always wanted to eat. So, as an appetizer we chose the Bloomin' onion R$ 49,90 (US$ 12.83), we asked the waitress if it was too much for 2 people and she said: "Nooo", but it was. We finished the onions and we thought we wouldn't be able to eat a main course. One thing about this onion is that it is spicy, I didn't know that and I normally don't like spicy food, I just managed to eat it with lots of ice tea. 

Since I mentioned the ice tea, let's talk about the beverages. They have a free refill system and I loved it. The free refill is available only for the ice tea—with different flavors— and the sodas, for both the price is R$ 11,00 (US$ 2.83). In my opinion the free refill is the best deal, because with the spicy onions I drank one entire mug of ice tea with 500 ml. The juices cost the same price for 300 ml and are not included on the free refill. But of course they have alcoholic drinks, most people there were drinking beers. 

As a main dish we ordered ribs, because we can eat great burgers in many places, so I wanted something different. We chose the JR. Ribs for Two R$ 80,90 (US$ 20.80), so this includes two pieces of ribs with two sides, they have many options for the sides we chose french fries and steamed vegetables. And as I said we were already full, so we weren't able to eat everything, but we brought the leftovers home (they pack the leftovers for you, don't worry). 

The main dish: ribs with steamed vegetables and French fries as sides.
JR. Ribs for Two.

Still talking about the main dish they have options like steaks, pasta, chicken, fish, salad and the burgers. For example, all the burgers cost more than R$ 40,00 (US$ 10.29). Definitely, Outback is, for me, a restaurant for a special occasion. If you want a free advice: be financially prepared to go to Outback and (really) save money for this moment.

Besides being an expensive place and with a big space very well decorated in an Australian vibe, we spent several minutes in a line to get a table on a Saturday night. Here in Florianópolis island there is only one Outback, it's inside Beiramar mall.

Outback: Australian vibe in Beiramar mall Florianópolis.
Australian vibe.


Address: Rua Bocaiúva, 2468 - Centro.

Opening days and hours: 
  • Sundays to Thursdays: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Fridays and Saturdays: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to November/December of 2018.