Book Review: Dexter by Design

The book cover Dexter by Design in Portuguese.
Book cover in Portuguese (this is the edition I've read).

This is the fourth book of the Dexter series and if you would like to read my review on the third book, Dexter in the Dark, just click here. I didn't write a review on the first and second books, but I briefly summarized them in my review of the third book.

What I like the most in this series is that in each book Dexter is after someone completely different and I always want to know who is going to be next and all the context behind the hunt, if I can call it a hunt. But the worst part is the end, there is always a lot of drama and thrill but in the end everything happens veeeeery fast and period, that's it, the book is suddenly over.

This time Dexter is desperate to kill someone and satisfy his Dark Passenger after spending his honey moon in Paris where he couldn't risk killing anyone. So, when he returns to Miami, a great opportunity appears because it seems like a new serial killer is in town.

This new killer likes to expose dead people as works of art around town. The police starts an investigation and when Deborah is attacked by one of the suspects and almost dies, Dexter finds his perfect victim. After all, that was his sister and he had to do something. So without thinking too much and not so worried about the Harry Code, Dexter simply does what he has to do.

But it is not so simple as he thought it would be. The man he killed was actually doing those horrible things, but he was doing it with corpses, he wasn't killing anyone. And as if it were not enough the guy wasn't acting alone. 

Dexter just got into more trouble. Now someone is after him, trying to expose him, kill him and even harm his family. So it is now a matter of who is going to be smarter and get the other first. This become such an adventurous hunt that Dexter even goes to Cuba. 

Will you have stomach to read death becoming a pretty weird art?  

P.S.: I've read this book in Portuguese.