2018 Recap

Fireworks in Lapland Finland 2014/2015.
Fireworks in Saariselkä - Finland in 2014/2015.

What type of year was 2018 for you? Was 2018 full of moments of joy and happiness or very stressful and you found yourself wishing all the time for it to end?

Well, for me it was a mixture. Hahahaha. But one thing that I learned with it was that when you are felling good make plans and set your goals, because even when everything is going wrong you will find strength to fight for what you already know you want.

I love to travel and when 2018 started I decided that I would travel more, because when I looked back in 2017 I just traveled to my hometown to visit my family. As you may know I live in Florianópolis - SC and my hometown is Ibiporã - PR, it is an 11 hours bus journey to go from one city to the other. And that was all the traveling I did in 2017. 

I wanted 2018 to be different and I had to do something. So I decided that I should hit more touristic spots in Florianópolis and I started planing all my weekends. Then I decided that I should visit other cities in Santa Catarina near Florianópolis, because I wouldn't spend a lot of money. I still think I was lucky for everything that happened this year.

I also wanted to travel abroad this year, my plan was to go to Montevideo in Uruguay, but it didn't happened. By the time I should've started planing this trip I was very sad and unfortunately I wasn't excited to plan or do anything. The reason I was feeling this way was my master's, everything was going so wrong with my project, I didn't like what I was doing, but I didn't want to give up. This was the worst part of the year for me and yes I cried every night. And during the weekends when I tried to go out and have some fun I didn't feel happy. 

But all of this went away. I talked with some people and read some stories of people who have gone through some difficult time and I slowly got better. I still have some crises, but nothing compared with that.

One thing that I'm thankful this year is the fact that I accomplished many of my goals from the beginning of the year. That's why I wrote before that we need to make a lot of plans when the year begins and we are feeling good and renewed, because this helped me to get better during the difficult moments.

I didn't travel abroad and my budget was limited, but I traveled more than I thought it would be possible. It was possible because I put it as a priority. Aaaand I'm happy to tell that in 2018 I visited 11 new cities. Not even I believe it was 11 😲. All of them in Brazil and 10 of them in Santa Catarina. Below you can see the list of the 11 cities in the order I visited them and if you click on their name you can read the posts I wrote about them.

Well, I'm excited for 2019, I have new plans that includes visiting many more cities and traveling abroad. After all, the last time I traveled abroad was in 2015, but the lack of opportunity to do this won't stop me to travel in Brazil. I'm also excited to keep writing here sharing my travel experiences and my book reviews. I want to improve Blue Chocolate Experiment, this isn't an easy task, but in 2019 I'll try harder. In January we'll celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the blog, time flies. 

Finally, I wish you all the best in 2019 and maaaany trips. Remember to make your list of priorities and pursue your dreams. If you feel comfortable leave on the comments the list of  the cities you visited this year, I'd love to know.