Florianópolis: Fast Food at Uncle Joe's

Uncle Joe's is another great place to eat a burger in Florianópolis. It's different from the new gourmet burger places that are taking over Brazil. I feel more of a fast food vibe in this place. And the burger is delicious anyway. Their goal is to make the true American burger.

I said that I feel this fast food vibe, because the entrance leads you directly to the counter where you order. While waiting in line you can choose the burger from a big menu drawing on the wall. After paying you receive a beep that will buzz and blink red when you must go grab your burger at the counter. There is an indoor and an outdoor space, with many tables where you can wait and eat.

The place has an industrial vibe, the burger is delivered folded in aluminium foil and the tray where it's served is also aluminium made. 

But the coolest part is the french fries shape, I've never seen this in any other burger place. OK, it can seem just like an appearance matter, but actually their french fries are very crunchy. They call it Crinkle Fries and they have 4 different manners to serve it, the normal ones (like in the picture above) R$ 6,00 (US$ 1.59) and those same ones with cheese, jalapeño and other seasonings that of course increases the price. They also have onion rings R$ 8,00 (US$ 2.12).

Now, finally, talking about the burgers. They have 7 different burgers, one of them being a vegetarian one. All the burgers have the option "single" with 1 hamburger (120g) and 1 cheese slice and the option "double" with 2 hamburgers and 2 cheese slices. The price varies according to the burger, but the Classic one with hamburger, cheese, lettuce, tomato and a special sauce costs R$ 18,00 (US$ 4.77) single and R$ 25,00 (US$ 6.62) double. This and the vegetarian burger with chickpea burger are the cheapest ones.

A nice surprise: they have milkshake. YAAY! I didn't try the milkshake, now I'm thinking: WHYY?? But they have 3 different flavors: peanut, oreo and nutella. The first two cost R$ 10,00 (US$ 2.65) 350ml and R$ 14,00 (US$ 3.71) 500ml and the nutella one costs R$ 14,00 (US$ 3.71) 350ml and R$ 18,00 (US$ 4.77) 500ml.

Of course there are "normal" beverages too, like sodas, the free refill cup costs R$ 7,00 (US$ 1.85), water R$ 3,00 (US$ 0.80) and beers.

So, they have a cool environment and the burger is pretty great, like in the middle between McDonalds and a gourmet burger. There is no live music or another entertainment at Uncle Joe's, which is not a problem, I'm just stating it for you to know what to expect.

Address: Av. Me. Benvenuta - Santa Mônica.

Opening days and hours: 
  • Everyday: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM

P.S.1: They also have an only delivery unit at: Servidão Cristiano Vanderlei Faria, 59 - Trindade.

P.S.2: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to September/October of 2018.