Florianópolis: Dessert at Akitutes

Oh yes! Another one of those places where you can find this ice cream glass with chocolate. Man, this is so amazing and it's a fever here in Brazil, so lately it isn't that difficult to find. But today I'm going to talk about the ice cream glass from Akitutes.

Well,  to be honest I was a little disappointed because last year I've been in Akitutes eating one of their ice cream glasses and I remembered it was more than good, perfect. Me and Fernando almost weren't able to eat the whole thing, we forced it down to finish. But this time it was different, we think it was smaller and after eating it we could eat more.

So, I looked at a picture of the old ice cream glass and I'm under the impression it was the same size as this one. Now I'm confused about what has changed, us or the dessert. Hahahaha.

Recently I wrote a post about Miski, another place here in Florianópolis where you can eat one of these glasses. Both are veeery good, but in my opinion this from Akitutes is better. Ok, this ice cream glass on the picture above is called Kinder Duo R$ 26,00 (US$ 6.75), it has nutella, ganache, Kinder chocolate, cream and ice cream. There are 5 different ice cream glass flavors all with the same price. There is one in kids style with marshmallows and Kinder chocolate, one with Ferrero chocolate, one with banana and dulce de leche and one with strawberries. 

But Akitutes is more than this. There are amazing looking cakes in the display case, the prices varies with the flavors, I didn't try any of these, because the ice cream already had enough sugar for one day. 

And there are also salty snacks and sandwiches. There are sandwiches with cheese, ham, chicken, meat, sausage and pork. The prices varies from R$ 12,00 (US$ 3.12) to R$ 30,00 (US$ 7.78). And many common fried and baked snacks for us Brazilians, for example coxinha R$ 8,50 (US$ 2.21). After eating the ice cream we were still hungry and ordered cheese bread, only one for each because they cost R$ 2,00 (US$ 0.52) each. The cheese breads could be better, but it's was OK.

I liked Akitutes' ambient, with internal and external areas, the shop is spacious. I see it as a comfy ambient. Finally, the waiters were nice.

Address: R. João Meirelles, 1067 - Abraão.

Opening days and hours: 
  • From Monday to Friday: 1:30 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Sunday and Holidays: 1:30 PM to 9:00 PM

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to August/October of 2018.