Florianópolis: 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Santo Antônio de Lisboa

Why should you visit Santo Antônio de Lisboa—a neighborhood in the north part of Florianópolis island? Why am I asking this? Because when you think about Florianópolis what do you imagine doing here? Well, I imagine going to the beach, like Florianópolis is a synonym for beach. And Santo Antônio is not a good place to go to the beach because some of the beaches there are inappropriate for bathing and the other ones have too many rocks or boats.

But there are many other reasons why it would be nice to visit this particular neighborhood and that is what this post is about.


The first reason (and my favorite) is the Azorean architecture. Florianópolis was mainly colonized by Portuguese people from Azores. The Azores is an archipelago and an autonomous region of Portugal. So, their culture are in many details of the city and in Santo Antônio de Lisboa we can see a high concentration of this so specific architecture.

Normally a building with this architecture is a restaurant or a handicraft shop. They are, of course, mixed with the modern houses and architectures. The handicraft shop called Casa Açoriana at Cônego Serpa 30 deserves a visit even if you won't buy anything.

Near this shop—just across the street—you can see a church called Nossa Senhora das Necessidades also in this Azorean architecture style. 

Casa Açoriana - handicraft shop.

Church: Nossa Senhora das Necessidades.

Church's interior.

If you walk or drive along Caminho dos Açores, a street that by it's name—Azorean path—gives the impression that you will pass by many constructions with the Azorean style, but no, while walking on this street you will just see many normal houses, restaurants and even a soccer field. But if you don't give up, after a while you will see a house that is an old flour mill and is open for visitation. The ticket costs R$ 5,00 (US$ 1.35) and it is open from 10 AM to 12 PM and from 01 PM to 05 PM. Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit it inside, since we arrived there after 05 PM.

Flour mill.


Yes, the second reason is the view. If you search about Santo Antônio on the internet you will certainty read that from there you will see one of the most amazing sunsets of your life. And I agree, it is incredible. 

But it is not only at the end of the day that you can have a great view from there. There are many boats anchored in this beach and this view is also beautiful. OK, it may sound weird a lot of boats making a great view, but just look at the picture below.


One reason that could not be left out of this post is food, of course. And Santo Antônio de Lisboa is also famous for its sea food restaurants. Unfortunately I don't have any restaurant to recommend, because I'm not a fan of sea food. I searched a lot to find a place to eat there, but mainly the restaurants serves shrimp, lobster, oyster and fish. All of this in many different ways, like deep fried, baked and with different sauces. 

If you are a fan of this type of food you can walk around there and choose the place you prefer, there are many options. I think it will be difficult to decide the restaurant, but have in mind that the prices are high. 

But besides the restaurants there are also some cafes and ice cream shops. Sometime ago I wrote a post about Zeus a place with ice cream self-service and burgers.


And the last thing is this sort of flea market called Feira das Alfaias. Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon people set up their tents to sell their handicraft art. It is a very small flea market, but with nice decoration items, table towels, wind vane and many other things. 

Have you visited Santo Antônio already? Is there a reason missing? Leave your reasons in the comments. 

P.S: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to September/October of 2018.