Florianópolis: Pig out at Miski

Just look at the picture above and tell me if you don't want to go running to Miski and eat this. That was the first thought I had when I saw an advertising of this place that recently opened in downtown Florianópolis.

My first reaction was to search Miski's menu. I can tell you they have a biiiig menu with many, many options. And they sell other things besides desserts, like burgers, finger food and fondue, so we decided to have dinner there too, to have the whole experience.

Some of the options for dinner are french fries, chicken wings, 3 different types of fondue: coxinha (typical Brazilian food that everybody has to eat, because it's awesome) cheese fondue, vegetables cheese fondue and burger cheese fondue. They also have burgers, sandwiches, quesadillas and stuffed croissants. After thinking for some time we ordered one vegetables quesadilla R$ 15,00 (US$ 3.60) (filling: mushroom, onions, broccoli, carrot and cheese) and the mini burgers R$ 25,00 (US$ 6.00). All the burgers are accompanied with french fries and a pink lemonade. 

To be honest I don't recommend any of the food we ordered. The quesadilla was slightly burned and it was very dry and not good. The burger was good, but for this price there are much better burgers in Florianópolis. We went there on a Sunday and the place was crowded, with only 2 waiters, it took us a long time be able to order and then a looong time to get our food.

At least the dessert saved the night. They have donuts, waffle, brownie, aaand different glasses filled with different ice cream flavors and different fruits or chocolates complementing it. We ordered the ones called Brinde or in English: toast (as in drink, not bread). I ordered the Nutella one R$ 20,00 (US$ 4.80) with hazelnut cream ice cream, peanuts and strawberries. Fernando ordered the Ferrero one R$ 20,00 (US$ 4.80) with Ferrero ice cream, Nutella and nuts. Both brindes were delicious, they produce their own ice cream and it was very good. 

They also have other flavors for the Brinde and they have bigger glasses R$ 38,00 (US$ 9.12) of different flavors.

So, in summary, I only recommend you to go there if you want to eat the desserts. At least the ice cream glasses are worth the price and were very good, although I have eaten better ice cream glasses in other places. Oh, I almost forgot, but there are also the beverages, they have many different coffees and hot chocolates, besides sodas, milkshakes, juices and teas. 

Address: Av. Jorn. Rubéns de Arruda Ramos, 2082 - Centro.

Opening days and hours: 
  • From Tuesday to Sunday: 02:00 PM to 09:00 PM

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to August/September of 2018.