Florianópolis: Brunch at 1313 Café

Did someone say brunch? Yeees. Hahahaha. I still don't know if brunch is or isn't a good idea. In Brazil the brunch culture isn't common. Maybe that's the reason I don't know if I like it, mainly because as far as I understand after having brunch you won't need to have lunch, but I have the impression that just the brunch is not enough. Well, even though I have this thought, I wanted to try it. You know, you hear many people talking about it and you see movies with people eating it, suddenly you feel the need to try it too.

Then, I started looking for a nice place here in Florianópolis where I could have this experience for the first time. Gladly, I found 1313 Café, a small coffee shop in Santa Mônica near Iguatemi mall. It's in the entrance of a co-work space.

They serve brunch only on Saturdays and on the last Saturday of each month they have a Special Brunch Day, with live music and a small fair in front of the shop with people selling natural cosmetics, clothing and handmade products. 

So, they have a special brunch menu with two options. Both of the options cost R$ 30,00 (US$ 7.37) and have toasts, scrambled eggs, orange juice and free coffee refill. Besides that, option 1 has baked mushrooms or ham (you have to choose between them) to accompany the eggs, a fruit salad and a slice of cake. Option 2 has baked bacon or cherry tomato confit with zucchini (you have to choose between them) to accompany the eggs and waffle with some fruit.

The thing is, I actually didn't have the brunch, because I don't like scrambled eggs. So, I decided to order another thing from the "normal" menu and Fernando chose the brunch option 1. Well, he liked very much the brunch, and I was able to eat part of the cake and of the fruit salad, which I liked very much too. 

My decision was a sandwicha roasted pork loin with herbs, mayonnaise, cheese, arugula and pickled onions sandwich. It cost R$ 18,50 (US$ 4.55) and it was very good. I was between this sandwich and a vegetables pie accompanied by a green salad and tomatoes, R$ 16,90 (US$ 4.15).

Well, the menu has many other options. Like, other sandwich and pie fillings, omelet, toasts and of course the desserts like waffles, cookies and carrot cake, besides the beverages which are coffees, teas, hot chocolate, juices, sodas, bier and wine. In 1313 Café they work with fresh products and some of them are organic. 

I liked this place, the ambient, the service, the food, the vibe. And of course we couldn't leave the place before trying the cookies. Hahahaha.  We order two, one with chocolate chips and vanilla and the other one with Nutella filling. They were delicious like everything else. 

Address: Av. Madre Benvenuta, 1313 - Santa Monica.

Opening days and hours: 
  • From Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to July/September of 2018.