Serra Catarinense: Where to eat

During our weekend (Friday to Sunday) in Serra Catarinense we ate in three different places and this post is about them. As I told you on the previous posts about Serra Catarinense we ate homemade sandwiches on lunch for two days, our intention was to save some money because one of the restaurants we wanted to eat was very expensive (the one in the picture above).


CHEAP AND GREAT. Yes, that's the best description for this restaurant. The reason why we decided to go there was the price, but now we have another reason which is quality. 

They are open during the whole day, so you can have lunch, dinner and even breakfast or a coffee break in the afternoon. Talking about the main meals the options are soup R$ 15,00 (US$ 4.05), slices of chicken R$ 20,00 (US$ 5.40) or meat R$ 30,00 (US$ 8.10), french fries R$ 20,00 (US$ 5.40) for 400g. There are some dishes like bolognese or carbonara sauce spaghetti R$ 25,00 (US$ 6.75), three different types of risotto R$ 30,00 (US$ 8.10) and trout with caper sauce R$ 30,00 (US$ 8.10). You can also order rice R$ 8,00 (US$ 2.16) and salad R$ 12,00 (US$ 3.24) as sides. 

The day we went there to have dinner there was also a soup buffet with different soup flavors and free refill for R$ 18,00 (US$ 4.86). But we were not in the mood for soup and we ordered the meat slices (400g), this dish includes as sides bread, farofa (very good Brazilian stuff) and a special sauce. But even with all of this we also ordered french fries. What we didn't imagine was this was A LOT of food, well, we should have ordered just the meat that I guess would be enough, but anyways we managed to eat everything and left the place rolling. 

They also offer sandwiches R$ 4,50 - R$ 6,00 (US$ 1.22 - US$ 1.62) and two hamburger options R$ 12,00 - R$ 18,00 (US$ 3.24 - US$ 4.86), the price varies according to the meat chosen. For the coffee breaks you can choose between different snacks costing R$ 4,50  (US$ 1.22) and/or desserts like a slice of cake R$ 5,00 (US$ 1.35)

They have a big variety of beverages: water, soft drink, juices, wine, champagne and beers.

The nicest part about SESC is that it's a sort of a library. Yes, inside the restaurant there are some bookcases full of books for you to read while wait or eat. I simply loved this. Also there is a TV in the establishment and that night there was a movie.

Ok. So for 2 people we spent R$ 60,00 (US$ 16.19) with the meat slices, french fries and beverages.

Address:  Av. Adolfo Konder, 2543.


Now, let's talk about a place great but expensive. You know that a restaurant is fancy when  they serve as an appetizer bread with side butter in a flower shape, and then you feel sorry for eating it (Hahaha). 

So, this is a fondue and pasta restaurant. And we went there already interested in the fondue, so we didn't look through the whole menu. Therefore, in this post I'm just talking about the fondue. They have a fondue sequence service, meaning that you'll be able to taste the three types of fondue the house offers, they are the cheese, the meat and the chocolate fondue and this sequence costs R$ 98,00 (US$ 26.44) per person. 

The sequence starts with the cheese fondue, I don't remember the names of the cheeses, but it was a blend of cheeses melted in wine. The dipping options were vegetables, bread and goiabada (Brazilian dessert made with guava). 

The next one is the meat fondue. The waiter put a griddle in the table heated by a burning alcohol flame, the raw meat and many sauces in small pots. Your job is just to put the meat in the griddle to fry it. The meat being beef, chicken and pork already in small pieces. 

The last and the best one was the chocolate fondue with fruits, like strawberry, pineapple, grape... and marshmallow for dipping. It was veeery good. And one important thing is that you can ask for refills as many times as you want. For example we asked for more meat.

In total we spent R$ 240,00 (US$ 64.75) with the fondue sequence for 2 people and beverages.

We went to this restaurant without making a reservation and there was a table for us. But to be sure if I'd return there I'd call before, because when we arrived there was only 2 tables left, we were 2 and stayed in a table for 6. The place was very beautiful and cozy. However it is a few minutes drive from Urubici city center, it is in the road side.

Address: SC 110 Km 385.


The last place we ate in this trip was in the road coming back to Florianópolis. Just after we left Bom Jardim da Serra which is the city that connects Urubici to Serra do Rio do Rastro there are some restaurants options. We arrived at this point in lunch hour and chose one of them to eat. 

Well, to be honest, I'd wish that we had made sandwiches for lunch this day either. Maybe because we arrived at 2:30 PM at the restaurant and it closes at 3 PM there wasn't many food options anymore. The food was kinda cold and not very good.

This is an all-you-can-eat restaurant and cost R$ 35,00 (US$ 9.45) per person. For me this is too much money for the food they were offering us. Now, I don't know if the reason was the time or if it is always like this.

A good thing about this restaurant was the view. Because there was a great view of a cascade, called Cascata da Barrinha.

So, in 2 we spent R$ 70,00 (US$ 18.89) because we didn't order any beverages.

Address: SC 438 Km 121.



P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to June and August of 2018.