Serra Catarinense: What to do? Itinerary Day 3

Serra do Rio do Rastro.
Unfortunately all trips have an end. And day 3 was our last day in Serra Catarinense. Well, we weren't able to visit many places that day, because we got lost. Not exactly lost. But we woke up early and left the hostel already heading to Florianópolis, our main goal was to go down Serra do Rio do Rastro (picture above). Our plan was to visit and see the things that were in our way during this route. 

So, what happened was that we were advised that it would be nice to visit Cânion das Laranjeiras, a canyon. Which was in the direction we were going. But we drove for hours in very terrible roads and we still had to do a hiking which hadn't any information. When we looked at the clock it was late and we were in the middle of nowhere. So we just decided to turn back, otherwise we wouldn't be able to arrive in Florianópolis by the time the car had to be returned. 

This kind of things happen. We wasted hours and did nothing besides getting upset. Then, the first place we visited after all of this was...


This very small and simple, but cute cascade is located just after the exit of Bom Jardim da Serra city. There is a sort of parking lot where you can stop the car to observe it. 

It's very difficult to miss this spot, because there will be many people doing it and because there are 2 restaurants a few kilometers ahead and from both restaurants you can have a great view of this cascade.

As I told you in this post: where to eat, we had lunch in one of these restaurants.


Keeping on the road our next stop was only in the viewpoint to Serra do Rio do Rastro. This place is veeery touristic, there were so many people there. At least there is a biiig parking lot and some shops, which sells beverages, snacks and souvenirs. 

Serra do Rio do Rastro is famous for having sharp bends. While going down it I felt the same adrenaline I felt in a roller coaster. And it is scarier when a truck is coming from the opposite direction. This mountain range has 284 bends and its altitude is 1421 meters.

From the viewpoint we drove straight to Florianópolis. But in front of it there is a wind turbine park that you can visit before going down the mountain range.

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