Serra Catarinense: What to do? Itinerary Day 2

Cascata Véu de Noiva.

This second day of the trip was the best. We were able to do so many things since we were already in town when the day started. After waking up early and eating breakfast we left for our first stop of the day. Which was...


This is a grotto named after Our Lady Lourdes. It's image is there since 1944 and falling in front of it there is a waterfall, which is more than 10 meters high. Surrounded by rock walls the infrastructure of the place is very good. There is a delimited path to reach the grotto where you can see the image of Our Lady Lourdes very closely.

You will also see many objects left there by devotees. And also an altar with benches in front of it, which I imagine is for religious celebrations, since every October people go on pilgrimage there.

To arrive there you have to leave Urubici's city center heading to SC-370. There are signs indicating the entrance to the place, you just have to be paying attention. Google maps lead to the right place, but on the road there wasn't internet signal. 

Visiting this grotto is for every one, since there is no hiking involved and because of its easy access.


Keep driving on SC-370 and a few kilometers after the grotto you will find the access to Morro da Igreja. I talked about this place in my previous post, Itinerary Day 1. Driving up this hill will give you access to Pedra Furada one of the most touristic places in Urubici, but that weekend the access was not possible because of road works. Even so, driving up part of this hill you will be able reach a private property that has a wonderful cascade and the access there was possible.

To enter the property you have to pay R$ 5,00 (US$ 1.28) per person. After parking the car you walk just a few meters and find Cascata Véu de Noiva, or in English, Bridal Veil Cascade. Again this is also of very easy access, there is a paved path to the cascade. There is also a restaurant in the property, but we didn't eat there.

Cascata Véu de Noiva is 62 meters high and it's not exactly a waterfall because the water slides over the rocks very gently. And looking at its picture I think you can guess why it has this name.

If you look around you will find a sign indicating other activities you can do at the location, but to reach it a hiking is required. We decided to go there and I don't regret it, but there was too much mud on the ground, we had to be veeery careful. After a few minutes walking you will see a clearing. There you can pay to go down a zip-line that crosses over a very deep canyon. I imagine it's scary, none of us did it.

But even if you aren't interested in the zip-line from this point there is another hiking that leads you to another waterfall, Cachoeira dos Namorados (Lover's Waterfall). The hiking there is more difficult and there a rubber rope tied to the trees to help you. The space available to look at the waterfall in very small. I guess that only two people fit there and this is my theory about the name of this waterfall (Hahahaha).

Cachoeira dos Namorados.


Our final destination driving on SC-370 was Serra do Corvo Branco. This is a mountain range, it was the first road connecting this part of the state to the its coast. This road was sculptured in the rocks and the walls around it are 90 meter high.

The name Corvo Branco, which means white crow, was given by the inhabitants of the region because of the common presence of a white bird they though was a crow. But actually what they were seeing was a king vulture. So the name is kinda wrong. 

To arrive there you will have to drive 5 km on an unpaved road. And you will find oxen and cows in the middle of the road, blocking the way. At least we did. It was scary, but they did no harm and we waited for them to move.

That day in the top of the hill there was too much fog. We couldn't see anything in a 10 meters distance. So, we didn't see the famous rock walls and we decided that it was not a good idea to go down this road, which has many turns like a serpentine road. We thought it would be too dangerous, but there were people brave enough that did it.

Serra do Corvo Branco was already known as the most terrifying road in Brazil. We returned by the same way we arrived there, heading to Urubici. 

As I told you in the post Where to stay we changed hotels. And we did it when we arrived back in Urubici after visiting Serra do Corvo Branco. So we rested for half an hour at the hotel before continuing the itinerary. 

When we left the hotel again we decided to stop for beverages in a gas station where the cashier stays inside an antique car. We just stopped there because of it. There is also a souvenir store inside and burger and finger food options.


Then heading on SC-110, but without leaving the city we went to Cachoeira da Neve, or Snow Waterfall. Be careful and don't trust google maps to take you to this location, because it sent us to the wrong place. Just follow the signs indicating the way. There are some in this region of the city.

Cachoeira da Neve is also inside a private property and the price to visit it is R$ 10,00 (US$ 2.55) per person. You will need to hike to arrive at the waterfall but the path is very well taken care of, with non-slip rocks that the owner put there. Speaking of which he was very nice and even showed us some pictures of the days there was snow under the waterfall and he and his relatives made a snowman. 

Yes, this name Snow Waterfall has a reason. When the climate is right the falling water condenses and turns into snow, which is accumulated at the bottom of the waterfall. I imagine it must be magic. The owner even told us that this waterfall is going to be in Guinness Book very soon, because this is the only place in the world that this phenomenon happens. Unfortunately, there was no snow that day we went there. But it was ok, the waterfall was amazing anyways.

As a bonus there is also another waterfall in the property, called Cachoeira das Araucárias. Araucária is a tree species and the name of the waterfall is because when you look up the water starts falling between two of those trees. The path to arrive closer to this other waterfall is harder. 

After this visit it was already late and we went back to the hotel to take a shower and left to a restaurant to have dinner.

P.S. (1): The information, prices and conversions mentioned refer to June and August of 2018.

P.S. (2): You can also read the Itinerary Day 1 and the Itinerary Day 3.