Serra Catarinense: Where to Stay

Hospedagem Alternativa Família Martins.

When you think about travelling, accommodation is one of the most expensive things. So, because of my currently financial situation and preferences, this is the item I always try to save the most. Since I discovered Couchsurfing (which was this year) I check there in the first place. Unfortunately, I still wasn't able to use the Couchsurfing service, but I'm not giving up so fast. But how the cities in Serra Catarinense are very small and because it is a very touristic place I didn't find any Couchsurfing offers there.

Seven different cities are part of Serra Catarinense: Lages, Urupema, Urubici, Rio Rufino, São Joaquim, Bom Jardim da Serra and Bom Retiro. So before you decide your accommodation you have to decide in which city you would like to stay. Well, the touristic attractions that I wanted to visit were near Urubici, São Joaquim and Bom Jardim da Serra. I searched for hotels and hostels in Urubici and São Joaquim and found the Urubici options more cheap. 

Long story short, I had scheduled my trip during a Holiday, but because of a truck drivers strike the gas stations were without gas and I had to reschedule my trip for another weekend. My plans were to stay in the city from Friday to Sunday and for the date I rescheduled it the hotel I booked the first time for the whole weekend wasn't available anymore. It was available only from Friday to Saturday and how we had already paid part of the value when the trip was canceled, we decided to stay there this night and look for another place to sleep Saturday night. This is why I'm going to give you 2 tips of where to stay in Urubici. Both of them were booked using And also both of them are in the main avenue of this small city. A good location was essential, in my opinion, since there were a lot of unpaved roads already to go to the touristic spots, so I didn't want to stay in a place difficult to arrive. 


I can say this is a big house that the owners decided to rent some rooms for tourists. They have two rooms for 3 people with one double bed and one single bed with a shared bathroom between these two rooms and one room with a double bed and a private bathroom. The rooms with shared bathroom cost R$ 150,00 (US$ 38.64) and the one with private bathroom R$ 200,00 (US$ 51.52) per day. 

We chose the cheapest one. And actually we were the only ones using the bathroom, because the guests from the other room didn't show that night. The bedroom and the bathroom were very clean. The only complain I have in general is that the hot water in the shower was not very hot. I think in a colder day I couldn't have had shower in there. 

But in the room we chose, beside the beds I mentioned above there was a TV and a mirror. The owners provided blankets, towels and a toilet kit with soap and shampoo+conditioner. The bedroom was very small, smaller than I imagined from the pictures, but to spend the night was more than enough. All the three bedrooms have a common living room with a sofa, two armchairs and a big TV. There is also a kitchen, we used the fridge to keep our sandwiches, where the breakfast is served. 

I didn't mentioned before, but in that price is included WiFi (essential) and breakfast. The breakfast is served from 7:30 AM until 8:30 AM, but the owner can make adjustments if you ask. Talking about breakfast it was great. We were the only guests there that morning, so we had the table for ourselves and of course the owner served less food.

Address: Avenida Adolfo Konder, 1113 - Urubici.


This is like a hostel normally is. The biggest bedroom with bunk beds is for 6 people, but they have options like a bedroom only with a double bed (the one we chose), a bedroom with a single bed, a bedroom with one double bed and one bunk bed and a bedroom with one bunk bed. Whenever the choice you make the bathroom is shared.

So, we paid R$ 150,00 (US$ 38.64) for the double bedroom for one night. Inside the bedroom besides the bed there was an old dresser and a nightstand. Everything very simple, but with style and everything also clean, including the bathroom. They provide blankets and they can provide towels if you need. We have brought our own, but the owner offered us. Talking about him, he was very polite and full of tips. 

In the hostel there is also a common living room and a common kitchen, where the breakfast was served. I liked very much the breakfast, it was simple, but good. It started being served at 8:00 AM. The breakfast from the other place we stayed was better if you wonder. 

My only complain about this place was the quality of the WiFi, because it was not working very well and we used our own cellphone internet signal. Even though I would stay in Grimpa again. 

Address: Avenida Adolfo Konder, 2443 - Urubici.

Those are my accommodation tips in Urubici. When I was looking for a place to stay, there was many different types of places and the one that I liked the most were the cottages. Imagine spend the weekend in a very cute wood house with a fire place with a great view of the nature. That's the dream, but as you can imagine this type of accommodation is more expensive.

Everything depends on how much you want and can spend. 

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to June and July of 2018.