Serra Catarinense: How to get to, what and how much to take

I was thinking about all the behind the scenes details of my trip to Serra Catarinense and realized that this could make a good post with all the tips that we didn't find around. After reading you can say on the comments if it was a good idea or not (hehe). 

Well, for starters I have to say that to visit Serra Catarinense you will need a vehicle, because the touristic spots are of very difficult access. This leaves us with two options: rent a car (or use your own car) or pay for an excursion. So, we decided to rent a car.

When you rent a car you have to worry about the fuel aaand the fuel price. Near Florianópolis there are some smaller cities and some friends told me that the gas price in those cities are lower. The first decision we made in this trip was to fill the car tank in São José, the city just after Florianópolis and to be honest we drove a little bit around, wasting some time, to find the so called best price. Therefore, not all gas stations are cheap there, you have to pay attention and not stop in the first one you see. But anyways, on the road and in the cities of Serra Catarinense we visited the gas price was higher than in São José. 

Once we chose the gas station, a second decision had to be made, the quantity of fuel. We rented the car with few fuel and that's the way we had to return it. So we decided to fill the tank completely and we spent R$ 157,00 (US$ 42.23). At the end of the trip we discovered that we chose just right, because we arrived back at the car rental establishment with the precise amount of gas required, this was a little bit of luck. 

From Florianópolis to Urubici it was approximately a 3 hours drive by BR-282 and there were no tolls. We chose to return going through Serra do Rio do Rastro, and the return trip was longer. From Serra do Rio do Rastro to Florianópolis it was a 4 hours drive and there was one toll.

Serra do Rio do Rastro.

Still talking about the car, one thing we forgot to carry with us was a small towel to clean the car windshield. Because of the weather it was common for the windshield to be blurry and a towel would have helped us.

Another important thing to know is that to reach most of the attractions you will have to drive on unpaved roads. A normal car can do the job, but remember it will get very dirty. Also remember to wear jogging shoes and a comfy and warm outfit because there is some hiking involved.

Unpaved road.

I say warm outfit because Serra Catarinense is a very touristic destination mainly during winter, that doesn't stop you to go there any season of the year. Even though some activities are only possible in a warmer weather.

One thing we did to save money was make sandwiches for lunch and I can say this was not just a money saver, but also a time saver. Because we could go anywhere without worrying about a restaurant near it to eat. Also during winter the sun time is shorter and all the attractions require sun light. And there is not much of a night life in Urubici at least. So my advice is to wake up early and don't waste time during the day because you can rest at night. 

Also you will have many restaurant options there and one thing I did this time was to research and choose the ones we would like to go beforehand. This saved a lot of time  during the trip either.


Another good thing in Urubici is that they have a touristic information center and I recommend very much for you to stop there as soon as you arrive in the city. They were very friendly and even though we had a previous itinerary they gave us precious tips. Also if you have any doubts you can ask and they have a map pointing all the touristic spots.

Keep in mind that to visit some of the touristic spots you will have to pay, because they are inside private properties. The prices vary from R$ 5,00 (US$ 1.35) to R$ 10,00 (US$ 2.69) per person. It is always good to have small money.

Bom Jardim da Serra.

So, to finish this post, let's talk about money. How much do you need to do this trip? Just to be clear we left Florianópolis on a Friday morning and arrived back here in a Sunday night and we were 2. For 2 nights of accommodation we paid R$ 300,00 (US$ 80.69). For the car rental and fuel we paid R$ 400,00 (US$ 107.59). With food we spent R$ 390,00 (US$ 104.90), yes all this money because we decided to eat a fondue sequence that cost R$ 240,00 (US$ 64.55). And with all the paid attractions we spent R$ 60,00 (US$ 16.14). A grand total of R$ 1150,00 (US$ 309.31).

For you to make you own estimates keep reading the other posts about this trip, so you can see if you have some similar preferences to us. Here you can read about our accommodation choice in Urubici.

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to June and July of 2018.