Gastronomy Florianópolis: Restaurante Central

I have been dying to go to this restaurant since before I moved to Florianópolis, because when we were looking for houses here, Fernando's uncle was helping us and invited us to have lunch there, but the line was enoooormous that day, so we gave up and ate in another restaurant. 

Few weeks ago we were at Florianópolis downtown looking for a place to have lunch and coincidentally we were just a block away from Restaurante Central. That day there was not a big line so we got in. 

This is a kind of restaurant very typical here in Brazil, they have a self-service, this means that all the food is available like in the photos above, you grab a plate and choose between the dishes you want, being able to serve yourself. At the end you are still able to pick the beverage you would like, at Restaurante Central there are options like sodas, juices, ice tea and water. And of course dessert is also available.

After choosing you have to weight your plate. The next step is to eat (Hahahaha). 

There is a good variety of food and it is mainly Brazilian food. I can mention from the day I was there the lasagna and the salmon. In their website they say that part of the food they serve is organic. You can also check the menu for the day in the website (in Portuguese).

The restaurant, open since 1979, has a good and beautiful space. We decided to eat upstairs, it was very difficult to climb the stairs with that full glass of juice without dropping it. But at least we could distract yourselves, while eating, looking at the paintings in the wall, which were for sale. 


Address:  Rua Esteves Júnior 242 - Centro.

Opening days: Monday to Saturday.

Opening hours: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.