Gastronomy Florianópolis: Italy Pizzaria

Last Tuesday was the National Pizza Day here in Brazil. And what a coincidence, this week's post is about a pizza place in Florianópolis. I guess pizza is in the top 10 favorite food of most part of the population in the world. Now imagine paying a single price and eat as much pizza as you can of different flavors, in Portuguese this is called rodízio.

This type of service is veeery common in Brazil, and I'm not sure if it is in the rest of the world. Well, I visited some countries in Europe and I haven't seen it. Basically, you go to the pizza place and the waiters pass by your table from time to time offering pizza slices of different flavors, including sweet flavors.


OK. Let's talk about Italy Pizzaria (pizzaria = pizza place). It's located where I call the middle of the island, near one of the three malls in the city, Iguatemi.

Italy offers different types of services. First, you have the delivery option. Italy has three different pizza sizes, the small (4 slices), the normal (8 slices) and the big (12 slices). You can check in their Facebook page (in the end of the post) the pizza flavors and prices. Besides ordering by telephone, you can also use ifood, Italy Pizzaria is there.

The second and third options involve going to the pizza place (the address is also at the end of the post). There you can order a pizza like you would do in the delivery, you can make your own pizza flavor by choosing all the fillings of it or you can try the rodízio, that I explained before. The rodízio costs R$ 39.90 (US$ 10.36) and it is included all pizza flavors available in the menu, they also serve other things in the rodízio like french fries, calzone, salads...


The place is big and well decorated. A very comfortable environment. Everybody was very polite and considerate. The timing of the waiters with the pizzas was good, sometimes leaving you with 4 pizza slices in your plate (Hahaha). You can also ask for specific flavors of pizza that was not served yet or that you ate and liked so much that you want more.

Now, I've eaten rodízios in many places, but this specific place has an specific pizza flavor that is my favorite so far and I've never seen it anywhere else. This flavor is ovaltine with ice cream. I've never ate a pizza with ice cream, but now I can say this is heaven. WOW. Best pizza eveeer.


Address:  Avenida Madre Benvenuta, 1028 - Santa Monica.

Opening days: Everyday.

Opening hours: 6:00 PM to 12 AM.

Facebook page (menu in Portuguese):