Porto Alegre: Itinerary Day 2

City Hall.
I'm back with our itinerary for day 2 in Porto Alegre. If you have not read the itinerary day 1 just click here, there you will also find information about the hotel we booked.

So, our day 2 in POA was a Sunday. As soon as we left the hotel we started walking through the city center to see the historical buildings we were not able to see on Saturday, because of the rain. Our goal was to reach... 


This is a cultural center in honor of Mario Quintana, a famous Brazilian poet. It was my favorite place in POA and I have written a post with all its details (here).

Basically this is some sort of art gallery, there you will find many exhibitions and even a garden, small, but beautiful. The best part is that it stays opened on Sundays. More precisely from Tuesday to Sunday. For people that travel on weekends this is always good news. You can check the opening hours in the post I mentioned above.


Well, it was a Sunday so we did Sunday stuff, like going to the park. This park is enormous, really. And every Sunday there is what I would call a flea market there, called Brique da Redenção. On the flea market you will find handcrafts, antiques, plastic arts and gastronomy exhibitors. 

In the park there is also a lake, where you can rent pedal boats in duck shapes. There are monuments to see, a Buda sculpture, an auditorium and even a small amusement park. The place was full of people that day. I guess this is a typical place for local people to go on Sundays. 


This is an old water treatment plant that became a garden. Weird, huh? It is a very small garden and with not really too much flowers or plants. On that Sunday many picnic birthday parties were happening there, mainly for children. I remember of counting at least 3. Also there were couples doing photo shoots.

For us as tourists besides observe people, there was not many things to see or do. Since we were tired we just sat there for long minutes to rest while looking at the children playing in the playground.


At the end of that afternoon we were also able to reach this other park. Different from Parque Farroupilha this one is mainly an open and green space. There were many people also doing picnic. And like all the parks there was a children's playground. 

Moinho de vento in English is Windmill. So, to honor the name of the park there was a small windmill in the middle of a small lake, everything small 😃. There were also many ducks swimming there.

After spending some time there we went back to Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana, where we had dinner. And after dinner we went to the bus station. On Monday morning we were already back in Florianópolis. 

I hope you have enjoyed to read about our weekend in POA and I also hope that my tips help you to plan your trip to the city. This place is worth a visit.