Florianópolis: Costa da Lagoa Trekking

Besides the beaches, Florianópolis is also known by its many hiking options. I have already written about one of them, Lagoinha do Leste Trekking located in the South of the island. Costa da Lagoa Trekking is located in the East side of the island, in a neighborhood called Lagoa da Conceição a very touristic place around here. 


I am going to tell you how to get there by bus, because if you have a car you just have to use your GPS. There is a parking lot near where the trail begins, it is not very difficult to find that since it is a dead end street.

So, the first thing you have to do is to go to TILAG, the bus terminal of this neighborhood. I use the Moovit app to find bus routes, it is very useful, I just do not recommend it during holidays because bus schedules can be different and the app cannot update for those cases.

If you are in the city center you can go to TICEN, the bus terminal there and look for the bus 330 or 320, both of them have TILAG as their final destination. 

Once in TILAG look for the bus number 362, the final stop of this bus is where you have to hop off. You just have to walk a few meters to find the sign below indicating the beginning of the trail.


The whole trail has 7.5 km and it takes two and a half hours to complete, at least it is what is written there. I can say this is not a difficult trail, the path is mainly plane with not too much obstacles. Compared to Lagoinha do Leste Trekking this one is a piece of cake. 

As the name says (Costa da Lagoa  Lagoon Shore) this walk is along the shore of Lagoa da Conceição. 

During the hiking you will be able to see some historic sites like ruins and mills, because this is an old pathway. But there are also some modern houses. Besides the historic sites there is not too much to see besides to admire the amazing views of the lagoon and to connect with nature. We went there on a Sunday morning at the end of the summer and were afraid to be alone, but there was lots of people during the hiking.

After a great amount of walking you will arrive at what they called the center where you will find many restaurants. After finding the first restaurant if you keep walking for 15/20 minutes you will arrive in a waterfall, that is exciting.

The waterfall is small, but it is beautiful and you can get pretty close to the main fall just climbing some rocks, which is not difficult. At the bottom of it the water forms a sort of pool which seemed safe to swim.

The waterfall is not at the end of the trekking so if you want you can continue further. As we arrived at this point just after lunch time, we were very hungry and decided not to keep going. But we asked local people what we would find if we kept going and the answer was: "the same you have seen so far". 

Remember that there is no different return trail, if you go to the end or not you have two options, to return by the same path you came or to return by boat. During the whole trail you will see, in some specific spots, piers which is where I think you can wait for a boat. I know that during summer there are boats all the time going there, but the day we went there, already at the end of the summer, I was not able to see any in the moments I was in some of the piers. I asked in a restaurant and did not have an answer about it.

As it was lunch time we decided to eat in one of the restaurants. And as we were worried about our return, we chose a restaurant that had a boat trip back service included. It is called Bela Ilha and it is a great place to have lunch under a tree shadow and with a great view of the lagoon. 

The good thing in this restaurant is that the menu is also in English and they mainly serve sea food. There you will find appetizers like crab, shrimp, squid, fish, french fries with prices varying from R$ 6,00 (US$ 1.59) to R$ 60,00 (US$ 15.86). The main courses are for two people and they are basically the appetizers with sides, the prices varies from R$ 78,00 (US$ 20.62) to R$ 140,00 (US$ 37.00). There are just to options that are not sea food, a grilled chicken and a beef with onions both costing R$ 20,00 (US$ 5.29). The beverages are alcoholic and non alcoholic ones, for example a soda costing R$ 5,00 (US$ 1.32) and a glass of juice (300 ml) R$ 6,00 (US$ 1.59).

We ordered one of the main courses, fried fish and sides and it was very good. We were in 2 and ate everything. The only complain I have is about the long time we waited to receive the food. So if you go there just relax in a hammock or go spend some time kayaking in front of the restaurant, because they have these available.

So after eating, wait for the boat, which is going to take you to the beginning of the trekking. The time we decided to go to the boat a lot of people decided the same, so it was crowded and we had to go inside the boat's bridge. The captain let some people pilot the boat, I was not one of them. The worst thing is that we missed the view because from inside the boat's bridge we could not see much. This return trip took 30 min and we arrived exactly where we left the bus in the morning.

We waited for the same bus, number 362, and went home. We started the trekking 9:30 AM and caught the bus home 4:00 PM. 

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to April/June of 2018.

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