Florianópolis: Resort Costão do Santinho

Who doesn't want to live the life of Riley(?) In Portuguese we have a similar saying which is: "viver de sombra e água fresca", meaning living a carefree, comfortable, without problems or worries life. At some point this was or will be a thought in your life. So, today's tip is about a place, Costão do Santinho, here in Florianópolis where you can do this, at least for some vacation days.


So, let's start from the beginning, the accommodation. After arriving and doing the check in, the first thing you will do is to go to your room. They have different types of accommodations. The one we stayed was like a hotel room, with a bedroom and bathroom, equipped with a minibar and a wardrobe. But there are also apartments, that besides the bedroom and the bathroom you will also find a kitchen, a living room, a service area, a barbecue grill. 

Costão has more than 1 million m² and the accommodations are available in villages or in the international hotel. We stayed at village 14. And they provided towels, soaps, shampoos and hair conditioner. In the bedroom air conditioning and cable tv were available.

Our bathroom was very simple, but I loved our bedroom's decor. Everything was very clean and every morning someone came to clean the rooms. The only complain I have about it, is that there was a sign saying that if there was no need to change the towels you just shouldn't put it on the floor, that was what we did, but they changed it anyway. I say this because it is more environmentaly friendly if you don't change the towels everyday.


Costão have an all inclusive service, which means you can eat and drink a lot and all day long and it will be included on the original price. That's the dream, huh? The only problem for me here was that I ate so much that I couldn't do many activities because my stomach hurt. You can judge me, but that's true. I am this type of person that can not see food.

There are the three basic meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but besides it there is a room where snacks, finger foods, bread, bread fillings, ice cream, desserts, hot chocolate, coffee, juice, soda and beer are available all day long, and even at night. One thing you won't feel here is hungry, believe me.

All the meals have an enormous amount of different foods and besides breakfast, lunch and dinner are different everyday, for example one day they served oysters and in the other roasted beef. Therefore, you will also find rice, spaghetti, salads, vegetables, potatoes, soups, meats aaand of course desserts, chocolate cake, carrot cake, cheesecake... Ok, the list goes on and on. But I will stop here because I think you got the idea.

Not only food is included, but the beverages too. Both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. You can have them during the meals or order them in the bars near the pools. The nonalcoholic are sodas, juices, water and some drinks with no alcohol. The alcoholic are piña colada, sex on the beach, dry martini, caipirinhas (the most Brazilian of drinks), beer, johnnie walker red label, one more time the list goes on and I am stopping here. 


The resort has a main area, as I would call it, where you will find the activities schedule stuck on the walls, the breakfast/lunch/dinner room and some of the pools.

During the day there is many activities for children, there are some kids tutors and they go around with the children doing activities as painting, playing in different parts of the resort and having picnics. So, for the grown ups the options are relaxing, or go to the pools, to the beach, or the most different one, hiking.

There are pools in different parts of the resort, for example in village 14 backyard there is one, and near some other villages too. There are heated pools and non heated pools in the main area and one pool in the international hotel with that infinite end. During the day there are dance classes or some games for the people at the pools in the main area. From the main area you have easy access to the beach, where the resort provides chairs and parasol.

You will also find a gym, a tennis court and a soccer field. The gym I know is included on the price, but the other two I can not inform. For an extra fee it is also possible to enjoy zip-line, archery, golf, a spa and a beauty salon.


As I said, this is a very big place, so there is a transport service that takes you everywhere you want to go, you just have to call and ask. At the entrance of the villages there are telephones just for this.

One important thing to mention is that there is WiFi. And depending on how many days you are staying you can book dinners in special/different restaurants. 

Costão is not only a resort for vacations, but also adequate for events, like meetings, conferences and seminars presentations.

One last thing, as I said in the beginning, at Costão you will find the dream life, but there is a price to live all of this and it is a very high price. Below, there is their website in English and you can take a look to see how high is this price I am talking about.


Address Estrada Vereador Onildo Lemos, 2505 - Praia do Santinho, Florianópolis.

Website (English): http://www.costao.com.br/

PS: The resort is opened through the whole year, with activities also during the winter.