Beto Carrero World: A Theme Park in Santa Catarina

Beto Carrero World is a theme park located in Penha, a city in the east coast of  Santa Catarina. I've been dying to visit this place since I moved to Santa Catarina in 2016. But this visit only happened now, in March of 2018.

We went there at the end of March, that is the beginning of autumn here in Brazil, so it is still warm, but the tourist season at parks is almost at the end. Therefore, the queuing time aaand the price were lower. Yes, you can buy the ticket in advance on the internet and pay less for it, on Beto Carrero's website you can check the promos. Brazilian students also have another advantage, with a  student card (it HAS to be that national/official one) you pay half of the price. The normal price for one day is R$ 170,00 (US$ 48.24).


The park is divided in thematic areas and each of them has specific attractions and rides. We weren't able to see everything, because of the time and because some attractions were closed that day.

Ilha dos Piratas (Pirates' island) is literally an island surrounded by a lake where you can "sail" with pedal boats. The access to the island is a very wobbly rope bridge, specially when kids are running. There you will find some scenarios, a hall of mirrors, and just one ride, the pirate ship.

Triplikland is an area with rides mainly for children where you can find the merry-go-round, the mad tea party, the bumper car and the ferris wheel, for example. The is also a very big, pink and beautiful ice cream palace, we didn't buy the ice cream, but the building is like ­čś▓.

Ice Cream Palace.

Vila Germânica (Germanic Village) as the name says, is an area with buildings in (old) German style, inside the buildings you can find restaurants and souvenir shops. There is only one ride, a roller coaster, part of the ride is inside a house, but I would say that this one is for kids mainly. There is also the Excalibur show, to watch it you have to pay an extra fee because lunch is included, so this attraction is not available during the whole day, if you are interested check the schedule when you arrive at the park.

Avenida das Na├ž├Áes (Nations' Avenue) I would say it is the center of the park, where you can find a food court with many options, we had lunch there. Inside the food court there is a small merry-go-round, so cute. When you leave the ticket booth if you go straight forward  this is the first area you will find. There are some rides for children here and an aquatic show for which you don't have to pay extra, but it happens in specific times of the day.

Velho Oeste (Old West) just like the Vila Germânica, you will find buildings in old West style (like in the movies). So this is a place with lots of scenarios where you can also buy souvenirs. There are no rides options here. In my point of view it is a place to take pictures. Also in an specific time of the day a musical show happens in this area and it is included in the price of the ticket.

Mundo Animal (Animal World) I don't want to sound like a boring person, but I simple HATE this area, the reason is that this is a zoo and nowadays I'm against this type of thing. Here you can see elephants, giraffes, white tigers and lions, monkeys, birds, and whatever. On the signs they explain: "This is an animal typical from Africa" (for example) and in my mind (sometimes loud) I answered: "So WHYYY is it not there???". Yes, I got very mad and couldn't stay there long. I didn't know previously that this park had this zoo area and I'm not sure if I would go back there another time and help to finance these things. And I'm saying this because in NONE of the signs I read that those animals are from some sort of a recovery program and can't go back to nature, what makes me believe that Beto Carrero is the reason why they are not living free and happy.

Aventura Radical (Extreme Adventure) so finally it is here where you will find the best rides. There are two roller coasters and one of them, the FireWhip, is the only inverted roller coaster in Brazil, I couldn't open my eyes during the ride. Another very famous ride from Beto Carrero is the Big Tower, 100 meters high, which is like a 30 floors building, I wasn't brave enough to ride this one. There is also a water "roller coaster", where a boat goes high and then lands on the water splashing it everywhere, it is funny, but be ready to get wet. Of course that in this area you will find some scenarios to take pictures, but there is also a horror house that you have to pay an extra fee to go inside. One last thing to mention is the Extreme Show (no extra fee) with cars, motorbikes and a truck doing extreme maneuvers.

Big Tower.

Terra da Fantasia (Fantasy Land) it is basically a train ride from where you can see Beto Carrero's house, a dinosaur cave, a snake tunnel, the giants land and some other things. This was out of order the day we went there, so I don't have more information than this.

Madagascar the last thematic area. Here you will find scenarios, the characters from the movie to take pictures and a Madagascar Circus Show (no extra fee). In this area there is just one ride available, the crazy river.

Through the whole park you can find vending machines or kiosks to buy beverages and snacks. There are some others experiences you may have paying an extra fee, like a helicopter ride, a kart drive and the experience of riding a super car, like a Ferrari.


We were staying at Balne├írio Cambori├║ at the time we went there. Balne├írio Cambori├║ is a city near Penha and we went by car, which is approximately a 40 minutes drive. We paid R$ 50,00 (US$ 14.19) to park inside the park. 

Another option is to pay for a bus trip. There are many companies offering this type of trip specifically to Beto Carrero from many cities here in Santa Catarina or even in other states of Brazil, like Paran├í. 

If you want to come by plane, the closest airport is in Navegantes, this is an international airport and from there you can rent a car or look for a bus trip (which I recommend you do in advance). Navegantes is even closer to Penha than Balneário Camboriú.

But there is an international airport also in Florian├│polis and an national airport in Joinville. These cities are still close enough to Penha. 


Address  Rua In├ício Francisco de Souza, 1597 - Penha.

Website (Portuguese):

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to March/April of 2018.