Balneário Camboriú: One Day Itinerary

When you are at a coastal city what is left for you to do is to put on your swimming suit, go to the beach and find a good place on the sand to spend the day. While in Balneário a good beach for you to do exactly this is Praia Central. This is a very extensive seashore that goes along various neighborhoods  including the city center. And as you can see in the picture above, behind the seashore there are a lot of high buildings, at least from the outside they seem fancy, so that is the reason why Balneário Camboriú is also known as the Brazilian Dubai.

If you go to the South end of Praia Central you will find the Molhe da Barra Sul which is a sort of pier. You can walk on the platform that goes towards the ocean and admire the views. From there you can have a great view of the whole Praia Central if there is no fog and of the surfers, of the fishermen, just seat and relax. You can also see a very green hill for where cable cars are heading, yes, very near this spot you will find Parque Unipraias, as the name suggests it is a sort of a park and its main attraction are the cable cars, I wrote an specific post about this park, if you are interested in reading it just click on the link.

Are you looking for that I ❤ BC sign? So, you will find it (in Portuguese) at the South end of Praia Central, close to the beginning of the pier. And by its side there is a kids playground. Therefore, when you get tired of staying on the beach tanning, relaxing or swimming go take a walk in this region, but check first where you are on Praia Central, because I meant it when I said it is extensive, maybe you will have to go by car to its South end.

Lastly, on this same region, but walking a few blocks from the seashore you can cross Passarela da Barra which is a sort of bridge only for pedestrians and bike riders. This one being 57 meters high, that is the same height as a 22 floor building. It was built to serve as a cross path between two neighborhoods of Balneário Camboriú that are separated by a river. But from up there you can have a great view of the marina, the buildings, the beach, of this part of the city in general, so of course it is a tourist attraction. 

In this area for what I've seen there are a good number of restaurants. But I don't have any to talk about, because we didn't have lunch the days we spent there. Our trick was to find a perfect time to eat breakfast, eat as much as we could and then leave the hotel, so at lunch time we were never hungry. In the afternoon we ate snacks and just had diner in the mall near the hotel we were. Speaking of which, there is a post about the hotel we stayed.