Gastronomy Florianópolis: Pannacotta Bake Shop

When I discovered this place on google maps and read the name I thought: "I must go eat something from there ASAP", then I searched for some pictures on the internet and I needed it even more. The first time I went there (yes, I've been there more than once) I was surprised by the best smell ever. The shop is an adapted house, so I remember saying: "I wanna live here, pleasee".

I love cooking desserts and places like this inspire me, I pay attention to each bite so I can absorb the secrets and techniques for making such desserts. Besides, the people there are very nice, and kind. Yes, I like this place very much and no, I am not friends with the owners.

This is a small place and it is cozy. You can see that while decorating they paid attention in every detail. The dishes and the food are very photogenic and beautiful.


Ok. Now lets talk effectively about what are the options if you go there. As the name says, it is a bake shop, so you will find cakes R$ 13,50 (≈ US$ 3.94) a slice, cupcakes R$ 9,00 (≈ US$ 2.63), brownie R$ 9,00 (≈ US$ 2.63), macaron R$ 4,50 (≈ US$ 1.31), brigadeiros R$ 3,50 (≈ US$ 1.02) (that Brazilian chocolate balls, there is a recipe here on the blog). There is also hot and cold beverages like coffee R$ 4,50 (≈ US$ 1.31), tea R$ 6,50 (≈ US$ 1.90), hot chocolate R$ 10,00 (≈ US$ 2.92). And the dessert that gives the name to the establishment pannacotta R$ 13,00 (≈ US$ 3.79), also there is other special treats combining brownies or cakes with ice cream and chocolate.

You can also order a whole cake in advance for celebrations, as birthday parties.



Address: R. Prof. Marcos Cardoso Filho, 61 - Córrego Grande, Florianópolis.

Opening days: From Thuesday to Saturday

Opening hours: From 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to March/April of 2018.

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