Gastronomy Florianópolis: O Viking

What? Hamburger? Someone said hamburger? Yes, O Viking is one of my favorites places to eat burgers here in Florianópolis. And besides the hamburger, they also have their own draft beer! 

First the name, I simply love this name because it reminds of the Scandinavian countries. Then the ambient, which matches with the name, has an outside and an inside part. At the inside part there is a wooden bar shaped like a ship!

I discovered this place thanks to Peixe Urbano, an online marketplace (I will leave the link here so you can check, but it is not in English 😑). I have a strategy which is always that I want to eat something and I don't have a specific place to go, I take a look on Peixe Urbano to see if there are any coupons. And this is what happened with O Viking.

They have two different types of coupons on Peixe Urbano and they are still available (I've been using it since 2017). For a burger with fries or a draft beer tasting with snacks. It is worth mentioning that the coupons are not valid for all the days of the week and it is also not valid for all the burgers, so read the rules very carefully. But the great news is that you can buy and use it immediately.

Ok. Now that you already know how to eat this great burger paying less, lets effectively talk about the burgers. They have 6 different types of burgers, what differs the burgers are the type of meat used to make them, so the price varies according to it.

All the burgers have the names of characters from Norse mythology and history. So Ragnar R$ 20,00 (≈ US$ 5.94) is a mixture of round, neck and bacon. Lagertha R$ 20,00 (≈ US$ 5.94) is a flank burger. Thor R$ 22,00 (≈ US$ 6.53) is a beef ribs burger. Loki R$ 26,00 (≈ US$ 7.72) is a boar burger 😮. Odin R$ 26,00 (≈ US$ 7.72) is a lamb burger 😮. Floki  R$ 18,00 (≈ US$ 5.34) is a veggie burger, you can choose between chickpea and eggplant. 

I don't understand anything about meat, so I translated the names of the cuts of beef according to wikipedia (just click on this link that wikipedia explains everything to you too).

When buying a burger you can choose a sauce to accompany it and I recommend very much the blue one, which is made with blue cheese. You can also order finger foods R$ 6,00 (≈ US$ 1.78), as fries or onion rings, as a side dish.

One note, buying the coupon for R$ 19,90 (≈ US$ 5.91) you will have the right to choose between Ragnar, Lagertha, Thor and Floki, also this price includes the fries as a side dish. Much cheaper, huh?

They also sell some cocktails, but they are famous for their draft beer, as I mentioned. I don't like beer, so I have no idea how good or not are their draft beers. But if they have the same quality as the burgers, they should be amazing. 

O Viking is located at a gas station backyard in a neighborhood called Trindade, which is where I call the middle of the island.


Address R. Lauro Linhares, 1619 - Trindade, Florianópolis.

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to March/April of 2018.

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